Gautam Kevli Mahavidya

This method of knowing prediction of future was much respected, in ancient days. However with passage of time this learning is looked upon with contempt. In fact this knowledge is a game of learned saints. The sages have said that in the yantra depicted 1 stands for Moon, 2 for Mars, and 3 for sun. Any type of question can be asked and you shall be getting a detailed answer.

Method of Use

"Om Chiri Chiri Piri Piri Nisir Nisir Divya Bhupata Swaha". There are twenty-seven boxes each having a three-digit number starting from 111. There is a mantra on the top of the screen. To get answer to your query, first of all repeat the question in your mind. Read the mantra and thereafter click on one of the box after closing your eyes. The result to the query will immediately appear on the screen.


To know the detailed answer of the question in your mind click on any square after remembering God.