Laying Foundation Stone (Bhoomi Pujan)

(House Construction)

Method of Laying Foundation Stone

Apply the paste of cow dung on the selected place. Worship land, Brahmin and god at that place. For the purification of land sprinkle Panchgavya (cow dung, cow ghee, cow urine, cow milk and cow curd), Panchgavya Sarvaushadhi, Panchamrit (milk, curd, ghee, sweet and sugar) and clean water on this place.

After that have bath, complete puja process and then sit towards east to perform the Kalash Esblishing ceremony alongwith chanting of Swastivachanam and Sankalpa reading. Worship Lord Ganesha and Navgrahas (Nine Planets) on Kalash. In the same kalash worship Lord Varuna and the beautiful earth.

Worship Dikpalas (Lord of directions), Kuldevtas (family gods), Nagas (Snake gods). Then perform stambharopan ceremony followed by offering sacrifices to the gods worhipped.

Offer flowers to the lord of Vastu and pray for wealth and prosperity. Make a Vastu Purusha in the shape of snake with the paste of grinded rice. Now invoke Vastu Purusha by chanting Vastu Mantras. Do pooja with whatever pooja material is available. Imagine this thing in your mind that you are invoking and inviting vastu purusha who is lying on that land facing downwards. Start digging the land by chanting Nag Mantra and after that distribute sweets and fruits.

Do Sankalpa in an auspicious Muhurat.

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