The ritualistic methods followed for the entry of boy and girl in married life is known as marriage.

The Panigrahan Sanskaar (in which the boy holds the hand of girl in his hands) ceremony is performed to worship gods and get their blessings. Blessings for betting son, protection of child and wife, necessity of married life and the ideals of family life get reflected in ritualistic methods and Karamkandas of marriage.

Ritualistic Method of Marriage- First of all Swastivachan is done which is followed by Devpujan, Sankalp, Ganapati Pujan, Shodash Matrika Pujan, Vriddhi Shraadh, Varun Pujan, Navgrah Pujan, Rhitwik Varan, Rakshasutra Bandhan, Tilak, Varpujan with Madhupark, Angsparsh, Godaan, Kushkundika, Agnisthapan, Entry of bride in Mandap, Granthi Bandhan Kanyadaan, Man stands with a pitcher full of water.

Sankalpa of Kanyadaan and Kanyadaan should be done in auspicious Muhurat.

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