House Warming (old)

The process of entering into a newly renovated house for the first time is known as Nav Sanskrit Grih Pravesh.

Method of Entry into a Newly Renovated/Old House

Decorate the house with beautiful pictures and a flag of flowers before entering into it.

The owner of the house and his spouse should wear new clothes after finishing the morning pooja ceremonies.

Offer new clothes to parents, elder brother, Gurus and family priest.

Chant Vedic Mantras, Shanti Paath, Mangal Geet etc & simultaneously put a mark of your hand on the entrance with a paste of turmeric and play some instrument and enter inside the house carrying a Kalsh of water with you.

After Grih Pravesh sit at place of worship and do Sankalpam.

After Sankalpam worship Ganesh, Gauri, Shodash Matrika and Vastu Mandala.

After Puja perform Homa and give sacrifice etc.

Offer food and money to small girls, Batuka, small boys, Brahmins, Astrologer, consultant, mason, artisan and fitter etc.

Give farewell to all family relatives and close friends.

Grih pravesh and other puja and sankalpam etc should be done in an auspicious Muhurat.

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