|| Putra Prapti Mantra ||

Om Devaki Sut Govinda Vasudev Jagatpate |
Dehi Mey Tanayam Krishna Twamaham Sharnam Gatah ||

'ऊँ देवकीसुतगोविंद वासुदेवजगत्पते। देहि मे तनयं कृष्ण त्वामहं शरणं गतः।।


O Son of Devaki and Vasudeva, the Lord of the Universe O Krishna! Give me a son(Child); I take refuge in you.


This Mantra is popularly known as Santangopal Mantra. It has power of granting a son. This mantra may be recited for getting a son, or for childless couples, who want a child.

Method of Chanting

Chant this mantra daily on Putra Prapti Rosary 108 times daily. This Mantra can also be chanted on Vaijanti Mala. As such, the result is up to the Lord. We do our best, but in the end, He knows what is good for us. We cannot make big promise, but faith is known to move mountains. First of all have bath and decorate lord krishna's idol with flowers, sandal paste, and kumkum. Now for naivedyam use butter and milk, apply little butter on krishna's mouth. Husband and wife should pray together and chant above said Mantra and show deepam(aarthi) and then have the butter and milk which was used for naivedyam