|| Shani Pauranik Mantra ||

Neelanjan Samabhasam Raviputram Yamagrajam |
Chhayamartandsambhutam Tam Namami Shaneshcharam ||

नीलांजन समाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम्। छायामार्तण्डसम्भूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम्।।


O Omni protector! Full of divine prosperity, and omnipresent God! For the sake of getting desired pleasure, for getting salvation, for complete protection you must be well-wisher for us or you should do our welfare and always pour pleasure on us.


If a person faces obstacles in the task undertaken by him then this Mantra should be chanted to get rid of unwanted stumbling blocks. This Mantra is also beneficial in bringing stability in business and professional life. If a person is under the influence Shani Dasha, Sadesati or Dhaiya then it should be chanted daily.

Method of Chanting

Chant this mantra 108 times daily on a rosary of Rudraksha beads. For chanting Shani Mantra the devotee should keep his mind tension free. Wear black clothes while chanting Shani Mantra. The day of Saturday is considered best Muhurat for chanting Shani Mantra. Donate mustard oil, black daal, black cloth and one useful article of iron and food to poor people after the completion of 43 days of Mantra chanting.