Starting a Business

The auspicious beginning of starting a new business is known as starting a business.

Method of Starting Business

First of all the businessperson should do morning krityas like having bath, performing sandhya and doing Ganpati Puja which would be followed by worshipping the Ishta devata. After performing the puja ceremony prasadam (holy sweet meat) should be distributed among all.

After this the business place should be purified by sprinkling Gangajal and Panchagavya followed by chantibg of Vedic Mantras and Shantipaath Mantras. After this the ceremonies like Gauri Ganesh Pujan, Shodash Matrika Pujan and Mahalaxmipujan etc should be performed.

After the completion of Puja distribute sweets and fruits and then start doing work.

Serve snacks and food and then give farewell to all family relatives and close friends.

Do Sankalpam and Puja in an auspicious Muhurat.

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