Basic Information about Planets

Yashkaran Sharma | 10-Sep-2014

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Basic Information about Planets

The below mentioned information help in making predictions:

Auspicious Planets - Jupiter, Venus, Unafflicted Mercury, Powerful Moon

Inauspicious Planets- Rahu, Saturn, Mars, Sun

Exalted/Debilitated Planets

Planet Exalted Rashi Extreme Degree Debilitated Planet Mool Trikona Rashi Degree
Sun Aries 10° Libra Leo 0° -20°
Moon Taurus Scorpio Taurus 4° -20°
Mars Capricorn 28° Cancer Aries 0° -12°
Mercury Virgo 15° Pisces Virgo 16° -20°
Jupiter Cancer Capricorn Sagittarius 0° -10°
Venus Pisces 27° Virgo Libra 0° -15°
Saturn Libra 20° Aries Aquarius 0° -20°
Rahu Gemini 15° Sagittarius Virgo 0° -15°
Ketu Sagittarius 15° Gemini Pisces 0° -15°

Two Groups of Friends

Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars & Ketu are friends. All these are enemies of the other group of friends.

Members of other group i.e. Rahu, Saturn, Venus & Mercury are also friendly to each other

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