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Weekly Fast(Saptahik Vrat)

There are 7 days in a weak which represent 7 planets, 7 Lokas, 7 principles of mankind, 7 colors, 7 Swaras of music, 7 Rishis, and 7 rivers. In that way one week covers all important aspects of life. All these planets represent varoius important aspects of our life like Sun- soul, Moon- mind, Mercury- speech, Venus- happiness, Saturn- sorrow, Jupiter- knowledge and Mars- power and when any of these 7 planets in our horoscope is weak then the specific thing represnted by that weak planet also disappears from our life or else we have problems regarding that aspect of life. In order to give strength to this planet and to rectify our problems our Shastras have recommended weekly fasts the list of which is given below

Weekly Fast List