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We always search for a person with whom we can share all the joys and sorrows of our life. We desire for a compatible and an understanding life partner. Our love life becomes more meaningful and harmonious with an understanding and loving life partner. But, it’s not that easy to find such a partner. Matching horoscopes of the boy and the girl before marriage is of great importance according to Vedic Astrology. And this is the reason behind matching the Horoscopes of a boy and a girl before marriage so that they will be able to have a problem-free and happy married life.

Match Making Astrology plays a major role in the life of every individual to know if the person they gonna tie their knot to is compatible or not. Today, a lot of people go for online horoscope matching as it is the easiest way to check out the compatibility level, and the gunas of the both of them in order to have a prosperous and a wonderful married life ahead. Horoscope matching enables a person to plan a wonderful married life ahead free from all the hassles and worries.

What is the Purpose of the Milan Phal Report at Indian Astrology?

The Milan Phal report at Indian Astrology is the exclusive report having 25+ pages covering up the concepts of Ashtakoota matching and guna Milan which is created by the no.1 online astrology software the Leo star the most popular online astrology software in the astrology market. The report is prepared in strict accordance with the principles of Vedic astrology.

The report consists of the calculations which are performed on the basis of the KP system along with the predictions in response to your love life. One must have the name, the date of birth and the other birth details of them and their partner in order to match the kundli of both of them. Milan Phal report is the answer to all your queries regarding your love life. This report would provide you with a detailed analysis of the personality of the natives and their partners so that both the partners would know about each other in the detail and can understand each other easily.

Online horoscope matching has become easier now only with the help of the Online Kundli Milan phal report at Indian Astrology. This report would let you know about the future and the nature of the relationship of a couple so that they can easily figure out about each and every event with respect to their love life.

What the Features Milan Phal Report Consists of?

The Milan phal report of Kundli Milan consists of the predictions in response to the love life of a person with their partners along with the predictions on nature, finance, health, children and in-laws of the person. This report will give you a general idea about how your love life is going to be in the near future.

This report would let you know about your birth, planetary degree and position at the time of your birth along with some of the calculative charts namely Lagna Chart, Moon Chart, Navamsa Chart of both the partners. With the help of this report, you will get to know the true meaning of your companionship, what ups and downs would you have to go through as a couple in your lives so that you both can deal with any situation being together.

Inclusions in the Milan phal report

The kundli phal report comes up with the following factors that would enable you to understand the true meaning of love in your life. It would help you to let you know about your love life and the events that you might have to go through together as a couple.

Charts and tables

  • Lagna chart, Lagna-Chalit Chart
  • Basic Calculative Charts such as Moon Chart, Birth Chart, Navamsa Chart
  • KP System along with the Cusp Chart
  • Table of Significator and Ruling Planets
  • Friendship Tables- Permanent Friendship Tables and Five-Fold Friendship Tables of both the partners
  • Ashtakoota Guna Chart
  • Manglik Dosha Compatibility
  • Planetary Degrees and Positions

Predictions along with the Remedies

  • Vimshottari Dasha along with Sub-Sub Periods
  • Favorable Points like your lucky number, lucky date, favorable time, suitable gem, evil numbers, favorable planets, friendly-signs, items to donate, cereals, favorable color, etc.
  • Gem Selection as per the position of the planets in your kundli.
  • Shani Sade Sati consideration along with the Remedies
  • Kaal Sarp Yoga and its Remedies
  • Ashtakoota Prediction
  • Matching Predictions based on children, finance, health, and in-laws.
  • Personality Analysis of both the partners

Marriage is the union of two souls and the most important phase in everyone’s life. It’s better to consider the Milan phal report at Indian astrology instead of taking risks in your relationship. This report would give you a complete and clear vision of the life of both the partners. If you are about to marry the love of your life then you must consult an astrologer and go for the kundli matching online through this report in order to have a happy and harmonious love life ahead.


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