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What is Match Analysis?

Matching horoscopes of both the partners before marriage holds great importance as per the Vedic Astrology. It would help the partners to know in detail about their relationship, their partner, and the events that they might have to go through as a couple. Match Making Horoscopes is the concept of matching the gunas and the compatibility of both the partners. It is a process of Matching the Kundli by Date of Birth of the partners to one another. The Match Analysis report is a 40+ page exclusive report containing all the predictions along with the astrological calculations in response to the life of both the partners. This report would be the solution to all the problems in response to the love life of the individual so that they can have a wonderful and happy love life ahead.

What is the Purpose of the Match- Analysis Report?

The Match Analysis report at Indian Astrology is one of the best online horoscope selling model which is created by the best online astrology software Leo star. This is an exclusive report consisting of the detailed analytical predictions of the life of both the partners in addition to the astrological charts and tables. This Marriage Matching Horoscope report would cover up the Ashtakoota Guna table along with the doshas and the yogas if present in the Kundli of any one of the partners along with the remedies to treat any of these in case any dosha present in your kundli to have a wonderful love life ahead.

Checking the nature of the relationship and the areas of compatibility and incompatibility in the relationship Along with the important events in the life of both the partners is the important purpose of this Online Kundli Matching report. This report consists of all the calculative tables, charts and graphs predicting the life of both the partners.

Reason to Choose the Match- Analysis Report at Indian Astrology?

Marriage is the most important phase in everyone’s life. It’s about sharing your entire life with that one special person sharing your joys, sorrows and every moment of your lives. The Match Analysis report compares the horoscopes of both the partners to check their compatibility to ensure whether they will be able to lead a happy married life ahead or what phases or circumstances they might have to go through in their coming time being a couple. It’s the best option to choose this report to clear all the doubts in response to your love life.

So, instead of worrying about your love life you must go for this Marriage Matching Horoscope report at Indian Astrology to plan a wonderful and harmonious love life ahead with your partner. The report will provide you with all the charts and the tables and will let you know about all the doshas and the yogas along with the remedies to treat them in case if they are present in your kundli.

Features of the Match- Analysis Report

The match analysis report covers up all the essential charts and tables along with the predictions of your love life. Planetary degrees and the position of the planets in your kundli at the time of your birth would also be a part of this report. Mahadasha and Antardasha would also be included in this report of kundali matching by name. This Horoscopes Matching for Marriage report would help you to have a clear vision of your life with your partner so that both the partners would be able to understand the nature of each other and could lead a prosperous love life ahead.

The features of this report are mentioned below. Take a look:

Charts and Calculations

  • Planetary Degree and Vimshottari Dasha along with the Chalit Chart, Lagna- Chalit Chart and Tara Chakra, Chalit Degree
  • Basic Calculative Charts like Sun Chart, Moon Chart, and Navamsa Charts
  • Shodashvarga Charts for both the Partners
  • KP System with Cusp Chart
  • Tables of Significator and Ruling Planets
  • Ashtakvarga Tables
  • Vimshottari Dasha Analysis with Sub-Sub Periods
  • Ashtakoota Guna Chart with Graphs
  • Astro Graphs for both
  • Manglik Dosha Compatibility


  • Favorable Points like lucky numbers, friendly numbers, evil numbers, lucky dates, favorable planets, friendly signs, lucky stones, god worship, cereals, liquid, items to donate, etc.
  • Shani Sade-Sati Consideration
  • Kaal Sarp Yoga and its effects on your love life.
  • Ashtakoota Matching with Conclusion
  • Ashtakoota Prediction
  • Matching Prediction Related to Health, Finance, Children, In-Laws for both the Partners
  • House Prediction for both the Partners
  • Personality Analysis for both
  • Nakshatra Phal and Rashifal
  • Predictions on Physique, Health, and Nature, Education, Property, Mother, etc. for both
  • Astrograph Predictions on Health and Finance for both.

Numerology Predictions

  • Numerology Predictions for both the partners


  • Kaalsarp Dosha Remedies
  • Manglik Dosha Remedies
  • Gem Selection, Favorable Gems for both as per their Horoscopes
  • Remedies for Shani Sade- Sati.

This report would be a perfect gift for the people who are going to tie their knots with their partners. So, get the Match Analysis Report now available at Indian Astrology and plan a wonderful life with your partner and set yourselves free from all the worries and tensions regarding your love life.


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