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What is Gem & Rudraksha Report?

The Gem & Rudraksha Report at Indian Astrology would revolve around the astrology remedies and will tell you the ways in which gem and rudraksha can change your life, along with the detailed basic Kundli and yearly based predictions for 5 years. This report will help you in figuring out the suitable gemstone as per your zodiac sign and would also let you know the ways to use these gemstones and rudraksha effectively in order to gain success in all aspects of your life.

Reason to choose Gem & Rudraksha Report at Indian Astrology

You can get the solutions to all your problems with the help of Astro Remedy report at Indian Astrology. Astrology gives accurate answers and appropriate solutions to all your problems. Gemstones and Rudraksha are the best astrological remedies and have been in use for a long time on worldwide grounds. These mystical and magical gemstones and rudraksha have the capacity to get the person out of all their problems, even the most serious ones. In order to achieve success and growth in life, you can turn towards these gemstones and rudraksha for a better peaceful life.

Factors to be included in this Gem and Rudraksha Report

This extensive Gem and Rudraksha Report at Indian Astrology having 40+ pages contains the solution for all your problems. Astrology is the ultimate solution to all your problems and it can help you in getting rid of all the problems of your life. This gem and rudraksha report will provide you with a detailed analysis of your Janam Kundli together with the remedies in relation to the gemstone and rudraksha. The factors to be included in this report are mentioned below:

  • 40+ Pages extensive report: The Gem & Rudraksha Report is an extensive report with forty-plus pages having gem and rudraksha recommendation within itself along with the yearly predictions for 5 years.
  • Chakra Reading: This section would include the basic horoscope predictions along with the description of the chakras present in your Kundli.
  • Panchang: This will cover all the important dates that would play an important role in your life.
  • Birth Chart: A calculative birth chart along with the Lagna chart and moon chart would be included in this section.
  • Lagna & Dasha Charts: This section would talk about the planetary Dasha and Lagna chart, along with the detailed explanation of both with accurate calculations.
  • Planetary Degrees & their Positions: This section will deal with the planets present in your Kundli and their position and transition.
  • Chalit & Nirayana Bhava Chalit: This would include chalit chart and cusp charts.
  • Numerology Predictions: This section would let you know about the favorable points in your life, along with radical numbers, lucky numbers, and evil numbers. This would talk about the suitable stone and the direction to wear them.
  • Gem Selection: This section will talk about the expectations that you have from your life along with the gemstone associated with your planet and its color.
  • Detailed Analysis of Gems: This section would cover the detailed explanation of each gemstone and its importance and the role they play in dealing with the problems of your life. This would also talk about the description of how one can get the desired results by wearing suitable gemstone as per their horoscope.
  • Your horoscope & Gems: This section of the report would talk about recommended gemstone as per your Kundli. Wearing these gemstones can actually help a person getting rid of their problems and have a prosperous life ahead. The gemstones are considered as a remedy for the dispositioned planet residing in your Kundli.
  • Suitable Gemstones: This section would include the detailed information of the recommended gemstone as per your horoscope. Having the proper knowledge of your prescribed gemstone you can get favorable results in your life. A detailed description of your prescribed gemstone to make you understand the reason to choose the particular gemstone as per your Kundli.
  • Major Gemstones for all planets: This section of this report would cover the detail of each planet and the gemstone associated with each planet. In case of a weak position of the planet in your Kundli, it will tell you about the suitable gemstone to wear in that situation.
  • Gem Recommendation as per Dasha: Certain gemstone would be recommended in this section of the report, in the case of Mahadasha and the Antardasha of the 9 planets of Vedic astrology.
  • Dasha graphs
  • Rudraksha: This will provide you with the description of rudraksha and the ways in which it will heal everything in your life.
  • Your Horoscope & Rudraksha: This section would provide you with your basic horoscope prediction and would also let you know which rudraksha is most suitable for you as per your horoscope.
  • Yearly Predictions for 5 years: This section will analyze your Kundli in detail and will provide predictions for all the phases of your life.

You can achieve whatever you want in your life, once you set your mind to achieve that thing. Having the proper knowledge of your Janam Kundli, you can find a way out to get away from all the problems of your life and lead a prosperous life free from all the hassles. You can say goodbye to all the problems of your life and start afresh with this exclusive Gem and Rudraksha Report.

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