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What is All Yoga Report?

This extensive All Yoga Report of online horoscope at Indian Astrology focuses on what these stars and planets tell about your present and coming time. This online horoscope report includes the various factors that might leave us either deprived or thriving. Everyone wants and dreams of a perfect life with joy and prosperity. But, getting all this is not that much easy. You might want a successful business at the time, but it might not be what you need in life at the moment.

Determining the position of these planetary bodies, whether, they make an auspicious combination or not in our Kundli is of great importance. and with the help of this All Yoga Report at Indian Astrology, you can have an idea of the planetary combinations formulated in your Kundli and its effects in your life.

Reason to choose All Yoga Report at Indian Astrology?

Indian Astrology is one of the biggest names in the field of Astrology, which has been the leading organization providing us the best astrology services. The All Yoga report at Indian Astrology is the ultimate guide for people to discover the right path in their lives. You might have faced many problems in your life and you often blame your stars and planets for all that but with the complete support of this amazing All Yoga Report you can keep an eye on all this and move ahead towards a successful life. The planetary combination of all the 9 planets in Vedic Astrology will let you know about all the coming challenging situations in your life and it will also suggest the ways to deal with these challenges. The All Yoga Report will also help you to get to know the highest position you could gain with the help of your birth chart. It will help you to understand your luck, fate, and destiny. You can have complete knowledge of the yogas in your life and it will also let you know how the combinations of these planets will help you to achieve success and how to make your life cheerful and marvelous.

What would be included in the All Yoga Report?

The All Yoga Report from Indian Astrology created by the no.1 online astrology software Leo star is known for giving the most accurate predictions and calculations. This extensive report having 28 pages centers around all the yogas forming in your horoscope and their meaning associated with them for your future. With the help of this report, you can have an idea of the planets and their importance in your life. The below-mentioned factors are included in this all yoga report from Indian Astrology.

  • Basic Calculative Horoscope: A basic calculative horoscope of 5-6 pages along with Vimshottari Dasha and all the other calculations our Kundali is based upon would be the part of this report.
  • Planetary Degree & Positions: this will include all the planetary combinations placed in your horoscope. Having a clear idea of these planetary combinations and their position in your Kundli, you will understand your horoscope predictions much clearly.
  • Description of yogas: this is the most important part of this report which will let you know about all the yogas present in your Kundli and how they will help you regardless of the ill-placement of any one of the planets in your Kundli. All the yogas residing in your Kundli will help you to understand the true meaning of success and failure in life. This report would include Hamsa Yoga, Vaashi Yoga, Shakat Yoga, Raja Yoga, Putraheena Yoga, Dhenu Yoga and all other Yoga that is present in your Horoscope. These planetary combinations residing in your Kundli are responsible for forming wealth Yoga in Kundali. With the help of this report, you can have the complete knowledge of all the yogas present in the Kundli.
  • Current Planetary Dasha Analysis: This section of the all yoga report would help you with the special life report and will describe the ruling planet in your horoscope. The ruling planet of your horoscope will be directly correlated to all the aspects of your life. The ill-positioned planet in your Kundli might be the reason for all the problems that you might be facing in your life. the auspicious planet overshadowed by the unauspicious planet could also be the reason for the never-ending problems of your life. An analysis of Kundli would help you to lead a happy life and make your future bright.

All Yoga Report could be the solution to all your problems and might become the reason for your successful and bright future. it might not be that much-disheartened to see the malefic planets affecting our Kundli and houses, you can be relaxed and stress-free to know about Yogas that are formed due to the most auspicious planetary combinations present in our Horoscope.

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