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Indian Fast & Festivals

Narak Chaturdashi

When Is Narak Chaturdashi In 2019?

27 October, 2019

Narak Chaturdashi Muhurat

Abhyang Snan Time: 05:15:59 to 06:29:14
Duration: 1 Hour 13 Minute


Naraka-Chaturdashi is day to abolish laziness and evil. It is also known as as Kali Chaudas, where Kali means dark (eternal) and Chaudas means fourteenth, which is celebrated on the 14th day of the dark half of Kartik month. On this day goddess Kali is worshipped and it is believed that on this day Kali killed the asura (demon) Narakasura.


Naraka Nivaran Chaturdashi known as Naraka Chaturdashi falls on the second day of the five-day-long festival of Diwali. The Hindu mythology narrates that demon Narakasura was killed on this day by Krishna and Kali.

How to celebrate

People wake up early in the morning break any bitter fruit and apply the kumkum-oil paste, which is called 'Ubtan', on their foreheads and then take bath. The breaking of the fruit represents the head of the demon King, Narakasur and the kumkum-oil paste symbolizes the blood that Lord Krishna smeared on his forehead. In the state of Maharashtra, people take the traditional early baths after applying the paste of gram flour, fragrant powders and oil on their foreheads. As long as the ritual of bath takes place, deafening sound of crackers and fireworks could be heard so that the children enjoy bathing. At dusk, people start lighting Diyas and candles in and around their house to mark the celebration of Chhoti Diwali.

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Narak Chaturdashi Vrat
(For pleasing Lord Yamraj)

On this day, lighting lamps can destroy tamasik energies. The day before Chaudas, fourteenth day of the fortnight, after 12 a.m. the atmosphere starts getting polluted with raja-tama frequencies, because on this day the Universe moves from the Chandra-nadi (or the moon channel), into the Surya-nadi (or the Sun channel). This helps the tamasik energies in 'Pataal'. The sound waves generated from 'Pataal' are created by heat generated from movement of particles loaded with raja-tama components. To neutralize the effect of these waves, one has to bathe early in the morning, light ghee lamps in earthen pots and ritualistically worship them. The lamps radiate waves of particles charged with the fire element, which helps to destroy the raja-tama laden particles in the environment. Due to this, raja-tama particles present in the cells of tamasik energies also melt away, which helps to destroy the protective sheath around the tamasik energies. Hence, a soul begins afresh to perform any auspicious activity. On this day tamasik energies get annihilated, in a way amounting to destruction of negative frequencies emanating from hell. On this day special sadhnas are done for the aquisition of beauty and for this reason this day fast is observed as Roop Chaturdashi. In addition to that it is the special day of worshipping Kali and that is why termed as Kali Chaudash. Narak Cahturdashi is popularly known as Chhoti Diwali.

Method of Observing Narak Chaturdashi Vrat

This fast is observed to abstain from the tortures of hell. On this day Lord Yamraj, Goddess Kali, Lord Krishna, Goddess Laxmi, Ganga and Durga can also be worshipped. This is considered an auspicious day for Mantra Siddhi also. It is believed that people, who do Abhyang Snan on this day, can avoid going to Narak. Til (i.e. sesame) oil should be used for Ubtan during Abhyang Snan.


Om Yamaya Namah
Om Dharmarajaya Namah
Om Mrityave Namah
Om Antakaya Namah
Om Vaivasvataya Namah
Om Kalaya Namah
Om Sarvabhutakshayaya Namah
Om Audumbaraya Namah
Om Dadhnaya Namah
Om Nilaya Namah
Om Parameshthine Namah
Om Vrikodaraya Namah
Om Chitraya Namah
Om Chitraguptaya Namah


mangal ki seva sun meri deva ,hath jod tere dvar khade |
pan supari dhvaja nariyal le jvala teri bhet dharesun ||1 ||

jagadambe n kar vilambe, santan ke bhadanr bhare |
santan pratipali sada khushhali, jai kali kalyan kare ||2 ||

buddhi vidhata tu jag mata ,mera karaj sidva re |
charan kamal ka liya asra sharan tumhari an pade ||3 ||

jab jab bhid padi bhaktan par, tab tab ap sahay kare |
guru ke var sakal jag mohyo, taruni rup anup dharemata ||4 ||

hokar putra khilave, kahi bharya bhog kareshukra sukhdai sada |
sahai sant khade jaykar kare ||5 ||

brahma vishnu mahesh fal liye bhet tere dvar khadeatal sihansan |
baithi meri mata, sir sone ka chatra firevar shanichar ||6 ||

kukam barno, jab lakad par hukum kare |
khadg khappar trishul hath liye, rakt bij ko bhasm kare ||7 ||

shumbh nishumbh ko kshan me mare ,mahishasur ko pakad dale |
adit vari adi bhavani ,jan apne ko kasht hare ||8 ||

kupit hokar danav mare, chandamund sab chur kare |
jab tum dekhi daya rup ho, pal me sakant dur kare ||9 ||

saumya svabhav dharyo meri mata ,jan ki arj kabul kare |
sat bar ki mahima barni, sab gun kaun bakhan kare ||10 ||
sinh pith par chadhi bhavani, atal bhavan me rajya kare |
darshan pave mangal gave ,siddh sadhak teri bhet dhare ||11 ||

brahma ved padhe tere dvare, shiv shankar hari dhyan dhare |
indra krishn teri kare arti, chevar kuber dulay rahe ||12 ||

jay janni jay matu bhavani , atal bhavan me rajya kare |
santan pratipali sada khushhali, maiya jai kali kalyan kare ||13 ||


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