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Indian Fast & Festivals

Phulera Dooj


What is Phulera Dooj? It is an iconic festival devoted to God Krishna and also known as the ritual associated with Holi. In Hindi phul means flower from which the term Phulera is derived. This festival is celebrated mostly in the North of India.

Phulera Dooj is a festival where people play with the flowers; this particular festival is celebrated before the Holi during the months of February and March between the festival of Vasant Panchami and Holi, it is observed during the waxing phase of moon.

Phulera Dooj is celebrated eagerly by the North Indians especially in the Sri Krishna Temple at Mathura in Uttar Pradesh and the Radha Vallabh Temple in Vrindavan. The devotees of divine Krishna take part in various religious events conducted in the Krishna temples; the temples are beautifully adorned during this festival.

In some temples a bit of color is applied on the face of God Krishna which is a sign of welcoming Holi. It is believed that the whole day is auspicious and hence the astrologers and pandits needn’t consult today particularly, to find an auspicious time. Since Phulera Dooj falls between Vasant Panchami and Holi, it represents that God Krishna has started to prepare for the upcoming festival of colors, which is usually organized in Krishna temples in the North of India. Hence Phulera Dooj indicates a start to the colorful festival ahead.


In some parts of North India, it is believed that the whole day is auspicious and therefore astrologers and pandits need not be consulted for finding an auspicious time.

Due to this unique occurrence, the day is chosen by some communities to perform marriages including the notorious practice of Child marriages.

Determination of Date:

This festival is celebrated on Phalgun Shukla Dwitiya falling at sun rise. If this Dwitiya falls at sun rise on two days or does not fall at Sun Rise on any day then it is celebrated on the first day.

How to Celebrate

It is believed that the whole day is auspicious and hence the astrologers and pandits needn’t consult today particularly, to find an auspicious time.

Any auspicious ceremony can be performed on this day including Puja of Lord Krishna.


Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja

The thread of duty and affection Indian culture is very liberal.


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