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Indian Fast & Festivals

Shaniwar Vrat

Shaniwar (Saturday) Vrat
(For appeasing Saturn, overcoming obstacles and to get rid of malefic influence of period of planet Saturn in your horoscope)

This fast is done to appease Saturn. When Saturn is badly placed in one’s horoscope lots of obstacles in accomplishing all sorts of tasks intervene. When Saturn is favourable one gets rid of all sorts of sins, obstacles, diseases and troubles and success to accomplish all sorts of pending tasks comes easily. By appeasing Lord Saturn one gets rid of from the evil influence of Rahu and Ketu too.

Method of Observing Shaniwar Vrat

This fast should be started from 3rd Saturday of the month of Shravana. At least 19,33 or 51 fasts should be done. On the day of fast after having your bath, wear black clothes and start worshipping Lord Shiva, Rahu and Ketu along with Saturn. If you have one temple of Saturn in your locality, you must visit that temple. Put a black colour mark on your forehead. You can chant Shani Stotra, Hanuman Chalisa also. Donate different types of black colour articles to poor people. Worship Lord Saturn by offering black colour articles, mustard oil and an iron pot. You must worship Peepal tree on the day of fast. For 2 hours after Sun set you should not have food. After that you can have a dish of horse beans (urad). You must offer bread to dog before having food. On the day of fast recite 3 or 19 rosaries of following Mantra-


”Om Praang Preeng Praung Shang Shanye namah”

On the last fast Homa should be performed with the wood of Shami tree. If one is going through Sadhesati or Adhaiya of Saturn he or she should depute a Pandit to recite Mantra of Saturn 23000 times. On the day of fast after reciting the Mantra devotee should read Shaniwar Vrata Katha.

Aarti Shri Shanidev Ji Ki

jay jay shri shanidev bhaktan hitkari |
suraj ke putra prabhu chaya mahtari || jay...

shyam ank vakra drisht chaturbhuja dhari |
nilambar dhar nath gaj ki asvari || jay...

krit mukut shish rajit dipat hai lilari |
muktan ki mala gale shobhit balihari || jay...

modak mishthan pan charhat hain supari |
loha til tel urad mahishi ati pyari || jay...

dev danuj rishi muni sumrin nar nari |
vishvanath dharat dhyan sharan hain tumhari || jay...


Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja

The thread of duty and affection Indian culture is very liberal.


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