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Indian Fast & Festivals

Mangalwar Vrat

Mangalwar (Tuesday) Vrat
(For acquiring courage and power to win over enemies).

The diety of this fast is Mangal (Mars) who is God of power, war and courage. He eradicates fear and enemies. By observing this fast poverty gets eradicated. Problems like blood pressure get cured. All worldly desires get gratified like gain of son, wealth, religion, fulfillment of wishes and also favour of government. By doing it continuously for 21 weeks one gets rid of all Mars related problems. Mangalwar (Tuesday) is considered the birth day of Lord Hanuman, therefore, one who performs this fast gets protection from Hanuman and gets rid of physical, supermatural or worldly troubles. This results in intellectual development and attainment of physical strength or stamina.

Method of Observing Mangalwar Vrat

This fast should be started from the first Tuesday of bright half of any of the months when Sun is in Uttarayana (from 15th January to 15th June). Minimum 21 or 45 fasts should be observed. On the day of fast one should follow Bramhcharya very strictly. Wear red clothes and offer red sandal, vermillion, red cloth, flowers of Gurhal (Bassia catiphoia), garland of red flowers, any food item made of jaggery and wheat to God. Donate sweets to boys whose age is less than 21 years. Have fruits during the fast. You can have food after Sun set but it should be saltless. The Udyapan (completion ceremony) that you shall be performing after observing the number of fasts that you wanted to, must include Homa with the wood of Khair (catechu) On the day of fasting one, five or 7 rosaries of following Mantra should be recited

Donate land and food to Brahmins. After reciting the Mantra you should also read Mangalwar Vrata Katha


”Om Kraang Kreeng Kraung Krang Bhaumay Namah”

Aarti Shri Hanuman Ji Ki

arti kijai hanuman lala ki| dusht dalan raghunath kala ki ||
jake bal se girivar kanpai| rog-dosh jake nikat n jhankai ||
anjni putra maha baldai| santan ke prabhu sada sahai ||
de bira raghunath pathaye| lanka jari siya sudhi laye ||
lanka so kot samudra si khai| jat pavnsut bar n lai ||
lanka jari asur sanhare| siyaram ji ke kaj sanvare ||
lakshman murchit pare sakare|ani sanzivan pran ubare ||
paithi patal tori jam-kare| ahiravan ki bhuja ukhare ||
bayen bhuja asur dal mare| dahine bhuja santajan tare ||
sur nar muni arti utare| jai jai jai hanuman uchare ||
kanchan thar kapur lau chai| arti karat anjna mai ||
jo hanuman ji ki arti gavai| basi baikunth paramapad pavai ||

Shri Hanumat Vandana

atulitbldhaman hemshailabhdehan danujvnkrishanun gyaninamagraganyam|
saklgunnidhanan vanranamdhishan raghuptipriyabhaktan vatjatan namami ||


Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja

The thread of duty and affection Indian culture is very liberal.


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