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Indian Fast & Festivals

Brihaspatiwar Vrat

Brihaspatiwar (Thursday) Vrat
(For the acquisition of reputation, wealth and prosperity)

This fast is observed for getting the blessings of Guru of Gods. Lord Vishnu is worshipped on this day. By observing this fast all planets get propitiated. By observing this fast one can acquire money, wealth, reputation, glory, position, status, education, intellect, sons and grand children. One also gets rid of all sins.

Method of Observing Brihaspatiwar Vrat

This should be started from the first Thursday of bright half of any month. At least 16, 156 or 260 fasts should be observed. Mix turmeric to the water and have bath with this water. Put a mark of turmeric on your forehead. Wear yellow clothes and worship Brihaspateshwar Mahadev by offering yellow flowers, yellow sandal, yellow rice (rice mixed in turmeric powder), yellow fruits like banana, yellow pulses, grams, jaggery and ghee of cow. After this one should worship the banana tree. Have food only once after sunset. Food should not contain salt in it. Recite 3 or 11 rosaries of following


”Om Graang Greeng Graung Grang Guruve Namah”

Read Brihaspativar Vrata Katha after reciting the Mantra. Offer food to Brahmins before having your food. Woman should not wash her hairs on Thursday. One should also not go for haircut and beard cut on this day. Udyapan (completion ceremony) should be peformed after doing 16,156 or 260 fasts. Homa should be done with the wood of Peepal tree

Aarti Brihaspatiwar ki

jay brihaspati devae un jay brihaspati deva |
chi chin bhog lagaune kadli fal meva ||

tum puran parmatmae tum antaryami |
jagtpita jagdishvarae tum sabke svami ||

charnamrit nij nirmalae sab patak harta |
sakal manorath daykae kripa karo bharta ||

tanae manae dhan arpan karae jo jan sharan pare |
prabhu prakat tab hokrae akar dghar khare ||

dindyal dayanidhie bhaktan hitkari |
pap dosh sab hartae bhav bandhan hari ||

sakal manorath daykae sab sanshay haro |
vishay vikar mitaoe santan sukhkari ||

jo koi arti terie prem sahat gave |
jethanand anandakarae so nishchay pave ||


Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja

The thread of duty and affection Indian culture is very liberal.


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