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Cows are considered to be the soul of Hindu culture. They are pure and revered and are worshipped in India just like any other Hindu god and scriptures. It is believed that all the gods and goddess reside inside a cow, and thus, hold a special place in Hindu culture. According to the Hindu scriptures, cows are the mother of all species and every Hindu possess a respect for her. Cow is considered to be the owner of the divine qualities and is similar to goddess earth. Special pujas and saatsangs are organized in the evening inI temples around the country.

On this day devotees bathe and clean the cows early in the morning. There is a tradition of decorating and worshipping cows along with their calf on this day. Cows are worshipped in the morning with incense, flowers, roli, jaggery, fragrance, clothes, rice and water followed by performing the aarti. Many people give gifts to the herders a well. By doing all this devotee gets a prosperous and a happy life.


As per the legend, Lord Krishna communicated his desire of herding the cows to his mother. As per his wish, Krishna’s mother went to saint Shandilya and asked him about the auspicious time to begin the work. The auspicious day as told by the saint, was Gopashtami. The innocent child worships and offers his prayers to the cows before commencing his new task.

How to Celebrate

On the auspicious day of Gopashtami, the cows are worshipped in the cattle farms. All the members of the family take part in the puja and offer their prayers to the cows. The puja for Gopashtami is performed by the priest with proper rituals.

There is a tradition of worshipping cows on Gopastami festival according to the ancient scriptures. The cows are worshipped on the Kartik shukla paksha and decorated with flowers. The devotee should walk a mile after doing the parikrama. In the evening the cow returns home and is worshipped with panchopchar and returns home and worshipped. After that the soil beneath the cow’s feet is applied on the forehead and food items are offered to her. On the auspicious festival of Gopashtami, people visit the cattle farms or the herders and offer their prayers to cows with diya, jiggery, flowers, gangajal, etc, Females worship Lord Krishna before cows and apply tilak on the forehead of the cows. Cows are fed green peas, jiggery etc. by the devotees. Many religious people donate food and other items in the cattle farm.



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