Kumar Shashthi Vrat

Date: 29 Jun 2017 (Thursday)

Kumar Sashti is believed to be the day when Lord Karikeya is said to have appeared on earth to defeat Adharma....more

Indian Festivals 2017

Our scriptures contain detailed description about

Fasts & Festivals

of India. These texts have also described the methods of observing and celebrating each Fast & Festival. There is special importance of observing fasts and celebrating festivals in correct Muhurat. Actually these are the powers of special Puja performed in the given Muhurat of


which help one attain multifold beneficial results. Every Fast has its own significance as it renders special and unique type of results and this peculiarity of each fast and festival attract people having different aspirations especially when they start believing that this specific fast can cater his/her need. From this section the readers shall know about the

History, Significance

and the

Method of Celebration

of these Festivals.

January (Pausha-Magha)

February (Magha-Phalguna)

March (Phalguna-Chaitra)

April (Chaitra-Vaisakha)

May (Vaisakha-Jyeshta)

June (Jyeshta-Ashada)

July (Ashada-Shraavana)

August (Shraavana-Bhadrapada)

September (Bhadrapada-Ashwina)

October (Ashwina-Kartika)

November (Kartika-Margasirsa)

December (Margasirsa-Pausha)