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Leostar Numerology(Bilingual)

Future Point has created astrology softwares for windows, android mobiles/tablets, share market and web.The total number of softwares are more than 12.

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This numerology software known by the names like numerology calculator, Ankjyotish and Vedic numerology software which gives information about root number, auspicious/inauspicious (Shubhashubhjnanam), auspicious Mantra and name number. This software also gives prediction for birth date, name number, destiny number & root number. From this software you can get details like friendly number, enemy number, name number – Reduced name number & determination of auspicious and inauspicious name numbers on the basis of date of birth.

Apart from Numerology calculations and predictions it also contains comprehensive and complete astrology solutions required by an astrologer for making predictions in its Astrology module i.e. planet aspect, Bhava aspect, cusp aspect, Saptvargas, Shodash Vargas, Varga Bhedas, Vimsopaka, Satvargas, Shodash Vargas, Varga Bhedas, Vimsopaka, Karaka, Avastha, Rashmi, Nakshatra Reading, Mahadasha and Antardasha analysis and Transit predictions for next 30 years, More than 500 astrological combinations, transits till 9999, the combinations and remedial measures for inauspicious Yogas like Manglik dosh, Kaalsarpa Yoga and Sadesati etc. have also been given in detail.

Leostar Numerology Software

Astro software Leostar Numerology contains following modules:

Additional Features of Leostar Numerology

Astro software Leostar is known for getting minute calculations. This astro software is an ocean of astrological knowledge. Astro software Leostar can cast lagna, chalit, cusp, sun, moon, hora and divisional charts. Astrologers use different Dashas for getting accurate predictions. Different types of Aynanshas used in astrology like Lahiri, Kp, Raman, Jaimini, Bhrigu, Manu and Sayan are available in it. For astrologers this vedic astrology software is like a miracle. All horoscopes can be saved in it. This vedic astrology software contains longitudes and latitudes of 1 Crore cities.

Features of Leostar Numerology are as follows:

  • Calculations of radical number, lucky number, name number & numerological life graph.
  • From this software one can get information like nature, personality, auspiciousness/ inauspiciousness and future of the native on the basis of root number, destiny number and name number.
  • Predictions about friendship and partnership, love and marriage, favourable colour, lucky vehicle number, occupation, favourable stones or substitute stones.
  • Leostar Numerology software contains the comprehensive knowledge of numerology. If reduced name number, destiny number and root number do not match then the methods of changing name have also been incorporated in this module.
  • Details like friendly, enemy numbers and neutral numbers & auspicious/inauspicious information (Shubhashubhgyanam).
  • Information like auspicious/inauspicious years and you can know whether a specific year shall be a special year for you or an ordinary one.
  • Similarly, the auspicious days, dates months, gemstone, Upratna, favorable god, auspicious metal, color and mantra based on numbers will be useful and beneficial.
  • Favourable/Unfavourable time, day, dates, months & years.
  • Specific Yantras which should be worshipped are prescribed on the basis of root number, lucky number & destiny number.
  • Grah Mantra, Grah Dhyan, Grah Mantra Jap, materials to donate, herbal bath etc are also prescribed on the basis of root number, lucky number & destiny number.
  • Avakhada, Ghatchakra, Tara Chakra, Panchang, Calendar.
  • The modules that one gets in Leostar Numerology software are Teva, Astrology, Numerology, Tables & Mundane.
  • Astro Software Leostar can cast all types of charts like Lagna, Chalit, Bava cusp and various types of divisional charts.
  • This astro software contains calculations related to Shadbal, Jaimini, Karakavastha and Sudershan Chakra.
  • KP System, KP Significator, Shodasvarga Tables, Upgraha, Sannadi Chakra etc are included.
  • Prashar Ashtakvarga, Ashtakvarga Chart & Ashatak ascendant are also given in this astro software.
  • Nakshatra Reading, Mahadasha & Antardasha analysis & Transit predictions for next 30 years are incorporated in this astro software.
  • More than 500 yogas (astrological combinations)have been included in this astro software.
  • This astro software shows Transits to view planets moving around the natal horoscope.
  • This astro software contains reading material for Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu, Astrology and 21 Horary tools.
  • Not only the students and expert astrologers can get accurate calculations but they can also use the horoscopes given in the databank of this astro software.
  • User can get additional information like Astrograph, Longevity, Kaalsarp dosha, Sadesati vichar, Manglik vichar and Remedies etc. too from this astro software.
  • Prescription of stones along with the method of wearing it has also been given in this astro software.
  • Mantras are also recommended along with the articles of donation for propitiating planets. Remedies for Sadesati are also given in detail.

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