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Your individual kundali illustrate the planetary positions that predict whether it will be an arranged marriage or a love marriage. Not only that the kundali calculator also comes as very helpful while analyzing particular doshas in kundali like Manglik doshas & Kaalsarp doshas and Pitra doshas. Once the dosha is calculate it becomes very easy to find the solution or remedy to come over the related problems. A timely detection of problem can save many families from getting separated or destroyed.

Generally, it is very difficult to identify the true nature of a person from his or her outer personality. The private character of a person is totally different from what we accept socially this is where finding a Janam kundali will come as handy while judging true color of one’s persona. Marriage is most important event of life therefore it is vital to check the compatibility between both bride and groom so that they lead a peaceful life together.

The correct janam kundali will show not only the basic astrological details but it will focus on more intensive details like Lagna, Yoni, Gana, Varna and nakshatra padas. A complete report will also evaluate your horoscope by showing your auspicious day, time, date, color and numbers which makes it more exciting to follow. Analyzing your horoscope becomes very important while evaluating the correct career scope for yourself. The sun and moon signs show the skill one has bought along with grace of destiny into this lifetime. We all are born different therefore reading a Kundli horoscope become more important in order to explore that basic behavior of a person that drives your particular strength.

Each sign will express oneself differently there by creating a unique personality. Once your basic behavior is being explored it is very easy to find where exactly does your strength lies. This is it! Astrology is open secret to explore your strength. A janam kundali can prove to be a very successful tool to shape your life. There are innumerable benefits when you know what is in the store for you.

My Kundli Features:

Charts & Calculations

  • Avakhada Chakra
  • Planetary Degrees and their Positions
  • Calculation of Birth Chart, Moon Chart, Navamsa Chart, Chalit, Nirayan Bhava Chalit - Basic important charts to get an idea about the strength of horoscope
  • Vimshottari dasha with Sub-Sub periods


  • Planet Reading
  • Mahadasha/Antardasha Prediction for 5 year
  • Favourable Points - Information about lucky stone, color, number, article, time, day, date, year, sign, cereal, metal, direction, donate item, god etc.


  • Gem Selection, Favorable Gems
  • Gems, Mantra, Donate Item & Fast as per Dasha along with benefits
  • Method of Gem Wearing with Muhurat, Mantra & Donate Item
  • Remedies of Sadesati
  • Manglik Dosh Remedies
  • Kalsarp Dosh Remedies
  • Pitridosha Vichar


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