Marriage Matching : Essential or Not

Marriage Matching : Essential or Not

S.R. Swamy

The marriages are made in heaven. It means the marriage has divine approval and blessings. Still one needs to look for the right mate, only then he can find the true life partner. Male and female are nothing but two aspects or two sides of nature. Hence it is natural for them to be united into a holy wedlock. In our country the marriage has been considered as a relationship which will last till eternity. It confers equality on both the partners in matters of DHARMA [ Right conduct], ARTHA [Financial position], KAMA [Sex relation] and MOKSHA [Liberation or emancipation]

The family is the fundamental unit of the society. This unit is facing great danger today. More or less it is in a state of disintegration with more broken families everywhere. Reason for this sad state of affairs can be traced to the increasing fragility of marriages around the country.

Divorce, separation and single parenting are main problems in the society, which have damaged the happiness of young couples. Stable married life can be achieved through proper analysis of horoscopes of bride and groom before the marriage. This practice is in existence even today in most of the traditional families in our country.

Matching of charts for marriage is not an easy job. It requires many years of practical experience as well as a good understanding of the theoretical aspects of the Astrology. Many a time horoscope matching is entrusted to the family priest or a friend, who on the basis of Koota agreement [ Gunank Matching ] which is found in every panchang, either endorses or rejects the match outright. Such a snapshot approach to the intricacies of horoscope matching many times leads to disastrous results or brings a bad name to astrology.

In cases of marital disasters occurring in spite of matching the charts ( invariably done by those ill equipped to do it) this writer found that the reasons for the mishap were inherent in the charts themselves, and had been simply overlooked and not handled properly by the person who had done such matching.

Marriages are sometimes finalised without matching of charts. This is because of the wide ignorance amongst parents about importance of matching of charts and its role in post marital dangers are realised late. Sometimes matching is overlooked due to a strong prejudice against astrology . But both situations can be remedied by an open mind and diligent study of astrology.

A marriage is not an invitation for brute sense of gratification nor it is a civil agreement that affects only the partners, but also the parents, society and the country as it is the base for creating a healthy future generation.

To strengthen my above views, I am presenting 10 sets of horoscopes of couples where the marital happiness miserably failed in spite of the best Gunank obtained in the matching. Study of individual cases will reveal the truth about matching of horoscopes.

Gunanka obtained : 30

Note : This couple completed their eight years of married life but were childless because of male impotence.

Referring to above horoscope, we find that Gunanka obtained is 30, which is considered the best matching and the marriage is recommended. Unfortunately the male partner is found to be impotent. Reasons are as follows:

Male Horoscope :

A - Aspect of eunuch planets like mercury, Ketu and Saturn on 5th house.

B - Venus occupying Leo is hemmed in between malefics.

C - Saturn (a eunuch planet) being the Lord of 7th is under 9th aspect of Ketu which is another eunuch planet.

D - 5th house is occupied by malefic planets and the significator for progeny Jupiter which is also the lord of 5th house is conjunct with eunuch planets mercury and Ketu and aspected by malefics like mars and Rahu, which indicates that the native can not become a father.

E - Saturn is aspecting Mars in the main chart, and in navamsha chart Ketu and Pluto occupy 7th house which indicates divorce.

Female Horoscope :

A - Lord of 12th Jupiter has occupied 11th house (i.e. 12th to 12th house) which denies bed comforts.

B - Lord of 7th house Venus is hemmed in between malefics and 7th house is occupied by strong malefic sun (debilitated) and 7th is under the aspect of Saturn that denies conjugal happiness and gives discomforts in married life.

C - Lord of 7th house Venus is occupying 8th house and is hemmed in between malefics.

D - Saturn is opposite Mars in main chart, and Saturn and mars are in shadastaka (6th and 8th position) in Navamsha chart that indicates divorce.

Note : For an Indian family progeny is a prime issue and if the family is deprived of the happiness of progeny the couple faces rejection from own family and also from the society. In this case 30 Gunank could not save the married life and the couple got divorced after 8 years of married life.

Gunanka obtained : 20

Note : This couple did not have any physical relation for more than two years. Finally the relation ended in a divorce.

Reasons analysed are as under :

Male Horoscope : A - In the male horoscope 7th house (The house of conjugal happiness) is hemmed in between malefics.

B - 6th and 12th houses (Houses of bed comforts) are also occupied by malefics.

C - Lord of 7th is weak being conjunct by an enemy and aspected by a malefic planets Saturn and Rahu.

D - In the Navamsh chart Saturn and mars are conjunct in 12th house which indicates the divorce.

E - Venus, the significator of married life is under the aspect of Saturn.

Female Horoscope :

A - Conjunction of lords of 6th and 7th indicates divorce.

B - Saturn and mars in shadastaka ( 6th and 8th position) leads to divorce.

Note : The yogas for divorce are promptly seen in both male and female horoscopes. This fact was ignored at the time of matching of horoscopes and the marriage ended in divorce.

Gunanka obtained : 25

Note : Immediately after 3 months of marriage the girl left her husband abruptly and went to her parents. Created lot many problems to her husband with criminal cases and finally got divorced after 5 years.

Analyses of the horoscopes are as under :

Male Horoscope :

A - Saturn and Mars in shadastaka (6th and 8th position) and ketu in 7th house end the married life in divorce.

B - Lord of 5th in 12th denies affection and love from the life partner.

C - Ascendent in male's horoscope is a “water element “ Rashi whereas ascedent in the female horoscope is a “ fire element “ Rashi, is a bad combination for good married life.

D - Saturn being lord of 7th occupying his own house and conjunct with a malefic gives more than one life partner.

E - Ascendent and 7th house occupied by malefics and both the houses under aspect of malefics gives more than one life partner.

Female Horoscope :

A - Saturn and mars in shadastaka (6th and 8th position ) ends the married life in divorce.

B - Jupiter, the lord of 5th and 8th is hemmed in between malefics which denies love, affection and conjugal happiness from the life partner.

C - Female born under “Daridra yoga “ and lord of 9th house is occupying the 6th from the 9th house and having a malefic aspect of Rahu, denies prosperity after marriage to the husband.

D - Benefics in ascendent, lord of ascendent occupying 12th house and a strong malefic occupying 7th house gives more than one life partner.

Note : Though there were strong planetary possibilities for divorce, the facts were ignored and matching was recommended which has ended in divorce.

Gunanka obtained : 31

Note : This couple got married in the year 1992. The girl died in 1996 while undergoing caesarean surgery.

Analysis of above horoscopes is as under.

Male Horoscope :

A - Powerful Mars in ascendent leads to loss of wife. Also” Mars Dosha” in the horoscope is 100% as the mars is in ascendent and is 5th from moon and Venus.

B - 10th Aspect of Saturn on mars will give more than one wife.

C - Conjunction of Moon, Venus and Jupiter in 9th house gives more than one wife.

Female Horoscope :

A - The female was born under “Alpayu (Early death) Yoga” (Conjunction of mercury, Jupiter and Venus in 12th house.)

B - Conjunction of retrograde Saturn with moon in 7th house and aspected by a malefic indicates disturbed marital happiness.

C - Comparing to male chart “Mars Dosha” is only 33% in the female horoscope since Mars is occupying 4th place from Venus.

D - Lord of 5th being a malefic planet under retrogression occupying 7th house and under the aspect of a malefic planet and bad placement of Jupiter indicates risk of life at the time of birth of a child.

Gunanka obtained : 32

Note : Girl married at the age of 20 years and became a mother after one year and lost her husband at the age of 24 years. The husband was drug addict.

Male Horoscope :

A - Lord of the 12th in navamsha is hemmed between malefics and rahu occupying 12th house makes the person a drug addict.

B - Two strong “ Alpayu (Early death) Yogas” are found in the horoscope.

1 - Lord of 2nd in conjunction of Ketu occupying 6th or 12th house gives “Alpayu” (Poor longevity)

2 - Ascendent and 8th house are under the influence of malefic planets that makes “Alpayu”.

3 - Lord of 8th house is enemy of the lord of the ascendent (as per natural friendship) indicates Alpayu Yoga.

Female Horoscope :

A - “Mars Dosha” is 66% where as the mars dosha in male horoscope is only 33% which may lead to loss of husband.

B - Widowhood at a young age on account of following Yogas :

1 - Jupiter being a lord of ascendent is also a lord of 12th house in navmansha chart and occupies Aries navmansha indicates widowhood at young age.

2 - Lord of 7th occupying 6th house and aspected and conjunct by malefic planets gives widowhood at young age.

3 - 7th house is hemmed in between malefics and mars in 7th also gives widowhood.

4 - Conjunction of Saturn and mars in 7th house and Jupiter placed in shadastaka to 7th house gives widowhood at young age.

Gunanka obtained : 30

Note : Even after completing 15 yrs of married life the couple does not have any progeny. The boy is the only son of his father.

Analysis of both the horoscopes is as under :

Male Horoscope :

A - The native suffers with loss of vital power on account of sun in 5th as well as Saturn is 6th to Venus, Venus is hemmed in between malefics.

B - 9th house is occupied by malefics and lord of 5th is conjunct with Saturn which indicates the “Pitri Dosha”, also the lord of 5th is in conjunction with rahu indicates “Sarp Dosha “

Female Horoscope :

A - Lord of 7th and 8th are badly afflicted which gives dissatisfaction in conjugal happiness.

B - In the moonchart lords of ascendent and 5th house are badly disposed and afflicted makes the female a barren woman.

C - Sun occupying 5th house and hemmed in between malefics and Saturn and mars being weak, the lady will be a barren woman.

Note : It is clear that both male and female were not eligible to get progeny.

Gunanka obtained : 30

Note : This male person got married very late. Wife being good looking he was always suspicious of her character. After 16 years of married life, the couple opted for divorce.

Analysis of both the horoscopes is as under :

A - Moon is afflicted, also the lord of the 5th from moon is in afflicttion.

B - Lord of 4th house is conjunct with Ketu which denotes barriers in physical comforts.

Female Horoscope :

A - Saturn and Mars are in shadastaka ( 6th and 8th places) indicates separation in family life.

B - 7th house is hemmed in between malefic planets and the lord of 7th is also hemmed in between malefics which indicate disturbances in conjugal happiness and a disturbed marital life.

C - Lord of 5th house occupying 12th from 5th house gives denial of love and affection.

D - In Navmansha chart ascendent is occupied by Ketu and is hemmed in between malefics, shows abnormal behavior pattern of the female.

Gunanka obtained : 27

Note : This couple ended their married life after 12 years of marriage through court and the lady got married immediately after the divorce with her old lover.

Analysis of both the horoscopes is as under Male Horoscope :

A - Conjunction of Saturn and mars indicate separation (divorce ).

B - Lord of 7th (Venus) is closely conjunct with bitter enemy Sun, also Rahu is occupying 9th house, 9th house is under the aspect of malefics shows disfavour of luck.

Female Horoscope :

A - Conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in 8th gives divorce.

B - Venus occupying ascendent and mars aspecting Venus tends to loose moral.

C - Exchange of houses between lord of ascendent and lord of 12th house also indicates adultery.

D - In Navmansha chart 5th and 11th houses are occupied by malefics, also indicate pre marital and post marital extra relations.

Gunanka obtained : 30

Note : Immediately after 40 days of marriage the couple opted for divorce. The divorce was obtained after 1½ years of legal complications.

Analysis of both the horoscopes is as under:

Male Horoscope :

A - Conjunction of Saturn, Venus and mars tends to divorce.

B - Conjunction of lords of 7th and 11th leads to adultery.

C - Lord of 12th in 9th house and lord of 6th in 12th also leads to adultery.

D - In the moonchart lord of 11th occupying 7th house leads to adultery.

E - In navmansha chart Saturn and mars are in shadastaka (6th and 8th position) which leads to divorce.

Female Horoscope :

A - Lord of 5th occupying 12th from 5th house and its conjunction with malefics leads to denial of love and affection from the partner.

B - Venus conjunct with Sun and mars in 4th house leads to divorce.

C - Saturn occupying ascendent and lord of 7th being retrograde leads to divorce.

D - Conjunction of lord of 6th with Venus (significator of married life) leads to divorce.

Gunanka obtained : 30

Note : This is a peculiar situation as both male and female are having same lagna and rashi. Both partners did not have any marital comfort and finally after six years decided to stay separately. Now they are waiting for a court decision for a decree of divorce.

Analysis of both the horoscopes is as under:

Male Horoscope :

A - Saturn and mars in shadastaka ( 6th and 8th position) leads to divorce.

B - Venus the significator of married life is hemmed in between malefics which leads to disturbed marital life.

C - Ascendent and 7th houses are occupied by malefics and moon also aspected by malefics leads to unhappy married life.

Female Horoscope :

A - mars and Saturn are in shadastaka ( 6th and 8th position) in birth chart and in conjunction in Navmansha chart leading to divorce.

B - Lord of 7th house and moon are badly afflicted leading to divorce.

C - Lord of 8th and the significator of marriage Venus is under the aspect of rahu and is under close conjunction with Uranus and Pluto which leads to an unhappy married life.

These ten sets of horoscope of couples were analysed with the help of traditional astrological Yogas to find out the disturbances in married life. With the facts explained above it is understood that Gunanka matching is not the main concept in marriage matching and “Bhava Melapak” (Matching of Houses) is more important than gunanka matching.

In our country we are experiencing more and more marriage failures in recent years, due to one or the other reasons explained as above. If a proper matching could have been done in consultation of various Bhavas, to accertain the longevity, progeny, love and affection, conjugal happiness, adultery etc. the marriage would definitely have lasted long, whether the gunanka matching is in order or not. Out of my experience, I would like to emphasize that importance should be given to the points given in table while scrutinizing male and female horoscope for marriage.

If the above points are found satisfactorily in both the cases, the marriage can be happily recommended whether gunank matching is in order or not.

Before concluding, I would like to give the following important points which are the key factors for a happy married life.

1. If mars of the female horoscope occupies the sign of Venus in the male horoscope or vice versa. gives good physical attraction to both the partners.

2. If mars and Venus occupy same house in male and female horoscope there will be better physical attraction between the partners and both will enjoy good conjugal happiness.

3. In the male or female horoscope lord of ascendent posited in a kendra and aspected by benefics will give good marital happiness.

4. If there is exchange of houses between the lord of 5th and 7th or if there is close conjunction of lord of 5th and 7th the native will get a very good affectionate and lovable life partner.

5. Lord of 7th occupying its own house and aspected by benefics will lead to a good married life.

6. If lords of 5th, 7th, and 9th are occupying a kendra, the married life will be good.

7. The longitude of the sun in the male horoscope equal to the longitude of moon in the female horoscope will lead to good marital happiness.

8. Longitude of the Venus in the male horoscope equal to the longitude of the Venus of the female horoscope leads to good marital happiness.

If the above facts are taken into consideration the disasters in the married life can be ruled out.

Vinay Garg

Vinay Garg

THE GRAND MASTER OF VASTU Shri Vinay Garg uses modern scientific techniques of Vastu for balancing energies at home and work place. The moment he enters inside a building he is able to notice that what type of vibrations are there in it. He mainly focuses on giving life to a house by studying and working on the inflow and outflow of various types of energies. His energy balancing techniques have impressed people from all walks of life and they are satisfied with his Vastu applications

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Abha Bansal

Abha Bansal

Astrological Predictions and Remedial measures for different problems. She is especially an expert in providing practical and effective solutions for relationship problems. She has been co-organizing a big astrological event called Nakshatra with ITPO at Pragati Maidan New Delhi since last 9 years

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Dr. Suresh Atrey

Dr. Suresh Atrey

He has done lot of research work in astrological issues related to marriage, so he is very efficient in answering questions related to marriage like matrimonial development, date of marriage, marital bliss, problems in married life & divorce/separation etc.

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