Know Your Profession from Karakamsha

Know Your Profession from Karakamsha

S.R. Swamy

One of the most important uses of astrology is the guidance it gives to the parents, who are more keen to know about the future of their son or daughter’s educational career. Astrology can guide a grown up man who is still undecided about the occupation in his life. If a study of astrological principles is taken up seriously, a more valuable guidance can be given to an individual as to what vocation would be suitable for him to achieve success. Required level of accuracy in prediction of this subject is still awaited as it needs to be strengthened with more research. I shall endeavour to show in this article how far astrology enables one to choose a successful vocation consistent with his aptitude. The important considerations are -

  • In what occupations the child would take interest.
  • what are the occupations in which the child can display his / her ability and knack in a brilliant manner.

To begin with, consider Karakamsha chart as a pivotal point. A planet in Karakamsha becomes the key planet. The dominant planet having been thus discovered notice must be taken of the blend, it makes with other planets, which is aspected, or with the sign in which it is placed etc. In considering the blends care must be taken to note which is stronger of the influences blended.

According to Jaimini the planet with highest longitude becomes the Atmakaraka. The sign in which the Atmakaraka is situated in the Navmansha becomes the Karakamsha. Association of various planets with Atmakaraka either in the Rashi or Navmansha, we can get a clue for the vocation of the native. Here are some of the astrological combinations of planets, which shall give an idea of the profession of the Native.

SUN : Sun is responsible to give more power, ability to rule and command, will make the native to gain fitness for a Government employment, or a high profile business executive with status and dignity.

  • If Sun occupies the Karakamsha lagna, the native will be fond of public work, and will take interest in political activities.
  • If Sun and Venus aspect Karakamsha, the native will be employed by Royal people or Top Class politicians.
  • Sun occupying 10th house in Karakamsha chart and aspected by Jupiter, the native will be a successful Trader of Cattle.
  • If Sun occupies 5th house in Karakamsha chart the native will become a Philosopher or a Musician.
  • If Sun is in conjunction with Rahu and occupies Karakamsha, and Sun being located in benefic vargas, the native will become a Doctor treating poisonous afflictions.

MOON : Moon is responsible for fluctuations in occupation or business, but encourages the native for business in aqua products, Marine produces, Liquid chemicals, Restaurant, Dairy products etc.

  • If full moon and Venus joins Atmakaraka in Navmansha money will be earned by education.
  • If Moon is conjunct with Jupiter in Karakamsha or in 5th from Karakamsha, the native becomes a author and earns his livelihood by authouring books.
  • If Moon is alone in Karakamsha or in 5th from Karakamsha, the native become a musician.
  • Moon in Karakamsha aspected by Venus makes the native an Alchemist.
  • Instead of Venus if aspected by mercury he will be a Doctor.

MARS : Mars denotes employment in the field where courage is required and a need to be skillful, brave. Dentists, Surgeons, Engineers are also part of this group.

  • If mars occupies the Karkamsha the native earns his livelihood by meta llurgy.
  • If mars occupies the Karakamsha with benefic aspects, the native will be a Judge.
  • If mars occupies 5th place from Karakamsha under the aspect of Saturn, the native will become a Mechanic.

MERCURY : Mercury is solely responsible for the field of literature, arts and occupations requiring study, skill and intelligence.

  • If mercury occupies the karakamsha the native becomes Merchant and well versed in social and political matters.
  • If mercury occupies 5th place from Karakamsha, the native will become a Vedic Scholar.

Jupiter : Usually Jupiter gives the profession of physicians, lawyers, ministers, bankers, authors, journalists, philosophers etc.

  • When Jupiter occupies the karakamsha the native becomes a philosopher, religious head and will have good knowledge of Vedanta.
  • If Jupiter occupies 5th place from karakamsha, he will be a scholar in Vedas and Upnishads.

VENUS : Venus is responsible to gain financial assistance through marital sources, jewellery pleasure and luxury.

  • If Venus joins Atmakaraka in Navmansha, the native will become a big politician.
  • If Venus joins karakamsha or the 5th from karakamsha, the native will become a great poet.

SATURN : Saturn is responsible to the professions, such as builders, miners, land surveyors, agriculturists, labour contractors, municipal officials etc.

  • If Saturn occupies the Karakamsha the native will adopt the profession of his forefathers.
  • If Saturn alone occupies 4th or 5th place from karakamsha, the native will be skillful in archery and will adopt the same skill for livelihood.
  • Saturn occupying karakamsha under the aspect of mars the native will become a builder.

RAHU : Indirectly Rahu will give results like Saturn but some of the combination indicates different professions also.

  • If rahu joins atmakaraka in navmansha, the native earns his bread as a thief or decoit.
  • Rahu having close association with Mandi and occupying 4th place from karakamsha the native will be specialised to treat snake bites and poisonous problems.
  • Rahu in 5th from Karakamsha makes the native to be a good mechanic.

KETU : Ketu will give results partially like Jupiter and mars.

  • If ketu occupies 4th place from karakamsha the native will become a clock maker Repairer.
  • Ketu occupying karakamsha makes the native a mathematician, if occupied in 5th house from karakamsha under benefic aspects the results will be same.
  • Ketu occupying karakamsha under malefic aspects makes the native a thief.
  • Ketu occupying 5th place from karakamsha under the aspect of Jupiter makes the native an astrologer. NOTE : Combination of planets will give more than one activity with relation to the occupation of the respective planet. Apart from above there are other Methods are also available as indicated by different schools of Astrology. In the matter of determining the profession, importance has been given to the Ascendant, 10th and 8th houses either from ascendant or Moon and the planets occupying these houses, lordship of these houses can also be taken in to consideration. In this article only a glimpse on determination of profession has been taken, to give a general idea of the subject with the help of karakamsha and Navamsha etc.
Dr. Arun Bansal

Dr. Arun Bansal

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Yashkaran Sharma

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