Importance of Lagna

Importance of Lagna

Dimple Babbar

The sign rising at the eastern horizon at the time of birth of native is lagna.

Lagna is the strength of horoscope and is of supreme importance. Lagna stands for self, happiness, appearance, character, stature, temperament, prosperity, personality, general well-being, beginning of life, childhood, physical body, health and longevity.

1. Aries : Aries is the rhythmic, acute, violent, mysterious and impulsive sign. Arians are active, aggressive, rough, rugged who resist diseases even. They are dynamic, creative, original, independent, freedom loving, frank, ambitious, heroic and are always in limelight. They need a change or break after continuous work. Their will power is strong.

Chandra Babu Naidu

In the horoscope of Chandrababu Naidu, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Aries being the lagna sign and the lagna lord Mars in lagna made him action oriented, enterprising and bold. The impact of 4 planets i.e. Mars, Sun, Mercury and Ketu is on lagna. Mars forming Ruchak yoga & Sun, Mercury combination gave him inclination towards science, technology & administration. Ketu’s aspect equipped him with complete knowledge because of which he transformed Hyderabad into the computer I.T. Industry hub. He became the modern administrator with wisdom.

In addition, Lagna is hemmed between benefic planets Venus and Jupiter making him a good soul and extremely popular.

Aries lagna & the placement of Sun & Mars in lagna made him an aggressive, dynamic and very influential leader.

2. Taurus : Taurus is the second sign of Zodiac which is mild, passive, soft and smooth sign. Taureans are practical, reliable, patient, determined and focused people. They are very tolerant but when they loose their temper they are as angry as a bull. They are fond of pleasure, love, beauty and music. They do not retain anger for long period. They have amazing self control and are obstinate. They have certain principles.

Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar was born when Taurus ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon, she is the living legend with golden voice which made her the Nightingale of India.

Lagna lord Venus, occupying the 4th house of comfort as a result of which luxury and success comes at her doorstep.

Jupiter being the lord of 8th house (occult knowledge) and 11th (fulfillment of desires) in lagna, blessed her with supernatural powers in her voice. Lagna lord Venus is the karaka of music in the sign of intelligence in conjunction with exalted 2nd house lord (Leo sign of zodiac horoscope) and Moon in third house in its own sign equipped her with the blessings of Goddess Saraswati and that is why she has very sweet and melodius voice. Mars aspecting lagna gives her magnetism, energy, determination and vitality. She will be remembered for as long as there is music in air.

3. Gemini : Gemini is the sign of intellectuals. Geminians are planners, versatile, adaptable, wildly, charming, logical, lively, chatty, amusing, fond of reading & writing, good conversationalist, inventive, progressive mathematician and their grasping power is tremendous.

Jaya Lalita

Jaya Lalita is famous actress turned politician. Her ascendant sign is Gemini the sign of expression and lagna lord Mercury is the karaka of acting and art. Her ascendant lord in ninth house promises her luck and fortune, blessings of God. Jupiter and Ketu aspecting lagna gives her charming and glowing appearance, wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and skill in her field. Gemini sign enhances her planning, versatility and progression in her career from acting to politics. Mars, Moon, Ketu aspecting lagna lord, Mercury and conjunction with Sun made her successful, bold and extremely popular. In addition Jupiter forming Hans yog and Venus forming Malavya yog gave her wealth and authority.

4. Cancer : Cancer is the emotional, sensitive and unstable sign. Cancerians are self reliant, intelligent, imaginative, talkative, honest, easily swayed by opinion of others and attached to the family. The lord of the sign is Moon which represents our mind, feelings and emotions.

Lord Buddha

At his time of birth it was predicted that he shall become an emperor if he would consent to rule & a buddha (enlightened one) if he adopted the path of wandering ascetic. His lagna lord full moon is aspected by 6 planets in the 4th house (mind) because of which it was predicted that he would follow the path of renunciation if he would see a sick person, old person or a dead man. Because sign Cancer(mind) & planet Moon(mind) are significator of emotions & feelings and they make a person hypersensitive and hyperemotional.

Lord Buddha was incarnation of lord Vishnu. The impact of six planets on the lagnesh made him exceptionally talented personality and lagna became very powerful. Moon was digbali in the 4th house. Sun and Venus aspecting Moon gave the atmic bala, royal and majestic thoughts. Jupiter’s impact gave the intelligence and supernatural powers to enlighten the life of others and Saturn gave deep thoughts to unfold the truth of life. The aspect of Mars made him fighter to achieve the goal in life. It was the unique impact of seven planets on the house of Karma in his horoscope because of which he could do extraordinarily great Karma & that’s why he became the great lord Buddha.

Leo : is the royal sign. Leons are dynamic, dominating, active, creative, ambitious, courageous, generous, enthusiastic, broad minded good organizers, warm hearted, frank, truthful, energetic, unimpulsive, adaptable and independent thinkers. Leons mingle with high and low people and have lot of tolerance, they are thoughtful and cannot be dictated.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh khan, the highest paid film actor. His ascendant sign is Leo, the sign of Sun the king of all planets. Lagna lord Sun in the third house of courage, effort and valour, aspected by Jupiter forms the combinations of Jeeva Atma. This combination makes the native highly intelligent. Saturn aspecting lagna gives him stability & balance in his personality. In addition Saturn forming sasa yog in the 7th house indicates his success after his marriage. Thus making him dynamic, dominating, creative, ambitious and enthusiastic to achieve the dizzy heights. Further, Mars in 4th house forming Ruchak yoga and 2nd and 11th lord Mercury ensuring the wealth, prosperity and super stardom.

The placement of lagna lord of that of Rahu is the signs of Venus made him an actor & the aspect of Jupiter on lagna lord Sun, 10th lord Venus & Rashi lord Saturn brought great success to him.

Virgo : Virgo is the sign of intellectual. Virgo’s are intelligent , analytical and dutiful. They love peace, order, and they are methodical, truthful, introvert, talkative and very economical. They are never satisfied with their achievements and are precise, agreeable & kindly person.

Sachin Tendulkar

The world famous cricketer of the era was born in the Virgo ascendant. Lagna lord aspecting its own sign is debilitated in Pisces. Jupiter, the planet of abundance in the house of destiny and education aspecting lagna makes him super analytical, intelligent, genius, dutiful, truthful and promising cricketer. Jupiter with exalted Mars, (being the lord of 8th and 3rd house, house of courage, hidden talent) justifies, the glory that Sachin has achieved.

Libra : Libra is the sign of justice and balance. They have beautiful smile and preserve traditions. Librans are loving, affectionate, easy going, idealistic, peace makers and far sighted.

They are positive and have leadership qualities. They are level headed, weigh pros and cons properly before taking decision.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Born in Libra Ascendant Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the most enchanting political personality. He is a dreamer who wants to see heaven on earth.

Librans are peace lovers and Saturn being yoga karaka planet forming Sasa yoga in the lagna gives him balance, deep thinking line and of idealism. Mars aspecting lagna makes him bold, energetic and action oriented. In 1995, when he became the P.M. of India the successful experimentation of Nuclear bomb brought name & fame to India. Lagna lord Venus in 2nd house of speech in conjunction with Moon blessed him with extra ordinaryoratory powers. Rahu's aspect on lagnesh made him manipulative popular and famous even in the opposition.

8. Scorpio : is the secretive, mysterious and materialistic sign. Scorpions are committed, loyal, determined, intelligent, generous & love hungry. Scorpions are calm and quiet men but lose temper when aroused. They don’t like to be bossed but love to boss over. They are diplomatic and revengeful. They are very intense and dynamic in romance.

Madhav Rao Sindia

Madhav Rao Sindia, popularly called as Maharaj was born in the royal family of Gwalior. Mars, the lagna lord exalted in the 3rd house i.e. I.P. made him courageous, determined, royal and dedicated towards his work. His luck favoured him as five planets Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Mars & Ketu are affecting the most powerful house of actions. 10th lord is placed in the house of happiness. He was bold with magnetism in his personality. He was very popular leader.

9. Sagittarius : is the philosophical sign. They are humane, hasty, dynamic, zonal, sincere, optimistic, versatile, open minded, frank, missionary, impulsive, creative, enterprising, religious, honest, sacrificing nature, humble and sympathetic. Sagittarians are extensive and expansive. This is a fiery sign so they are optimistic, ambitious & practical towards life.

Dhirubai Ambani

Dhirubhai Ambani, the idol of aspiring entrepreneurs all over the country was born in Sagittarius ascendant the sign of luck and fortune. Sun and Moon the jovial planets in the lagna made the kundli triple strong. Ketu’s aspect on lagna enhances intelligence & leadership qualities. Lagnesh and lord of happiness and luxuries in 10th house, (karma) shaped his destiny to reach the highest levels of human competence.

He proved himself and would be remembered for all time to come as a businessman of courage and determination.

10. Capricorn : are rational, prudent and determined. They are most practical, strong willed and ambitious persons. They have obstinacy of purpose. They are disciplined, hard working and expert in decision making. They are very focused for the achievement of their aim and can adjust to circumstances.

Bala Saheb Thakray : is the uncrowned king of Maharashtra. Benefic planets Sun, Venus & Mercury in lagna make him intelligent & generous person with leadership qualities. He is very good speaker. This combination brought him name, fame, prosperity & popularity. Lagna lord Saturn in 11th house aspecting lagna gives him stability, courage & boldness. He is very successful politician.

11. Aquarius : Aquarius is the sign of calculative thinking, philosophy and intuition. It is the sign of completion and perfection. Aquarians are independent, detached and of unconventional thinking. They are humanitarian, idealist, rational & generous. They are unpredictable, eccentric and stubborn.

Amitabh Bachchan

Aquarius lagna is the sign of completion and Ketu in lagna the planet of salvation spiritualism, intuition and perfection gives the charismatic and magnetic personality to Amitabh Bachchan. Lagna lord Saturn aspecting lagna gives balance, maturity, stability and sober outlook which makes him the Man of millennium. In addition, there is impact of five planets on 2nd house of speech and Mercury the planet of speech is exalted and is aspecting the house of speech. Jupiter, the planet of knowledge is exalted and is aspecting 2nd house which made his voice super naturally impressive. He became world famous living legend.

12. Pisces : is the sign of moksha. Pisceans are very generous, tolerant, intellectual, sensitive knowledgeable, highly equipped with spiritual abilities. They are very orthodox, sympathetic & God fearing people. They are fond of drinking water frequently in large quantities. Easily impressed by feelings and thoughts of others and surrounding conditions.

Rabindranath Tagore

Tagore's intellectual aristocracy is brought out by the Parivarthana Yoga between lords of Lagna and the 5th, viz., Jupiter and the Moon respectively and the exaltation of lord of Lagna in the 5th. The karaka of the mind who is also lord of the 5th is not only unafflicted but is highly fortified, conferring an intuitive and receptive mind, fruitful imagination and an ingenious and observant nature. Mark the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the 2nd. Tagore was a poet, painter, politician and philosopher.

So, the placement of Moon in lagna and the exaltation of lagna lord made him a typical & distinguished priscean native.

Dr. Arun Bansal

Dr. Arun Bansal

Mr. Arun K. Bansal is a hot favourite of those who seek consultancy in astrology & Vastu as he has gained limitless clout by way of his uncanny predictions, interpretations & research work. His disarming simplicity endears him to all and sundry

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Yashkaran Sharma

Yashkaran Sharma

Celebrity astrologer, career counselor, motivational speaker & remedy expert Mr. Yashkaran Sharma having more than 31 yearss of experience in predictive astrology is well versed with all systems of astrology since his childhood years. He is the author of famous book "ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ASTROLOGICAL REMEDIES". He is especially consulted for getting career related advice. Therefore he is a hot favorite among young people and business persons

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