Ruling, Warmth, Generosity, Faithful, Intiative

Lucky Color :Red, Gold Yellow
lucky number :19
Ruling Planet :Sun

Today is the day of hard work and because of that you will be more tense and restless. The support from your younger brother/sister will make you confident. You may take a decision with your courage and would work hard for that. So be patient and continue your work. Money will come with your hard work only. Relation with spouse will be generally good. Children will do better and they can get the desired result.


This month shall be full of ups and downs for you. Try to bring positive changes in your way of working. Do not let your confidence level go down and work sensibly. Go on working continuously. You shall be interested in social activities and might have to go on a journey in connection to some important work.


Health problems are not indicated. Try to manage your daily schedule in a disciplined manner. Work intelligently and abstain from anger, ego and unnecessary argument.

Wealth and Property

Inflow of money shall remain stable with average financial position. Your efficient working would help you change the situations in your favor. Planetary transit is favorable for landed property and vehicl;e etc.

Work and Profession

Dop not trust your enemies at all otherwise you are likely to get into big troubles and abstain from unnecessary interference of others. You shall get results for the efforts made by you for your progress in your job. You are advised to remain in good books of your senior most officers. You are advised to abstain from getting into any type of unnecessary argument.

Love and Relations

Planetary transit indicates ups and downs in intimacy, attachment and intensity in love relationship. Do not take any big decision in a hurry.

Matrimonial Relations

There shall be an atmoshere of peace and mutual harmony with your life partner and other family members. You might go on a journey to some tourist plae with your partner.


Donate Kheer on Friday.

Health Problems

5, 6, 22, 23


In this year Saturn shall enter into Sagittarius on 26th January. In the first half of the year Rahu shall remain in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo. On 9th September Rahu shall enter into Cancer whereas on 12th September Jupiter shall be entering into Libra. Venus shall remain combust from 21st March to 25th March.Venus would be combust again after 14th December.

For you Saturn shall enter into 5th house on 26th January. In the first half of the year Rahu would be in 1st and Jupiter in 2nd house. On 9th September Rahu would transit into 12th and on 12th September Jupiter would be entering into 3rd house.


This year is average for your health. You are advised to be cautious because Rahu's transit in Lagna gives health related tensions suddenly.

Rahu also makes one a soft target for black magic and evil eye and because of that even if one is absolutely fine health wise then also there remains the illusion of disease. After 9th September time period is better for your health.

Wealth, Property

Financial condition would be good in this year. There would be an increase in your income. The combined impact of Jupiter and Saturn shall increase saving potential and in addition to that there might remain the probability of getting money or jewelry from family with new sources of income.

You would be making investment for starting a new partnership venture after 12th September. The support of your spouse shall also prove to be highly beneficial for getting an improvement in your income.

Work, Profession

This year shall be generally auspicious for getting betterment in professional life. The aspect of Saturn on 7th house is giving sure indications of betterment & change in business. Those in job are likely to get promoted or transferred.

There is probability of some tensions from adversaries by the end of the year however; you would be able to get a solution for this type of problem. After 12th September the partnership would prove beneficial for you. During this time it shall prove beneficial to be confident.

House, Family & Society

This year shall be auspicious for your family life as the transit of Jupiter would prove highly auspicious for your family life. The number of family members shall increase. It can be because of somebody's marriage or child birth in the family.

You would be getting cooperation of all family members. Your social reputation in society shall get enhanced after 12th September.


This year is average for the progress of your children. The aspect of Rahu on 5th house is not auspicious for the progress of your children. His education also might get affected.

The pregnant females are advised to be cautious as the aspect of Rahu can create the probabilities of abortion. After 9th September the auspicious time period can be considered as an auspicious Muhurat for conceiving.

Career and Competition

The first half of the year appears to be excellent for your career making expeditions but you have to work very hard for getting desired success. Keep your will power and confidence intact.

Those students who are inclined towards technical education are likely to make big achievement in their area of work.

Travel & Transfer

This is not a highly favorable year for your journeys. Only short journeys are indicated. The probability of going on frequent long journeys is not much.

After 12th September the aspect of Jupiter of transit on 9th house is giving indications of going on pilgrimage.

Religious Deeds & Propitiation of Planets

You might take interest in occult and Tantra as there will be influence of saturn and Rahu on 5th house.

Wear Durga Beesa Kawach in your neck.

Donate articles made of iron to poor people on Saturday.

Serve red color cow.

Offer water to Sun daily.

General Characteristics Leo

Warm, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, the Leo have an air royalty about them. They love to be in the limelight, which is why many of them make a career in the performing arts. They forget and forgive quickly. They are good in establishing and running organizations. Leo Traits suggest that Leos are warm spirited, eager to jump in action and are driven by the desire of being loved and admired. Leos are full of lazy strength, which comes forth at the time of need. They are also immensely ambitious. They would continuously aspire to reach to the highest peak of whatever they do. Leos love being at the centre of attraction. They are party people and love to be with large crowd of admirers. However, Leos are often sensitive to criticism and don’t take the words of critics lightly. Confident, ambitious, loyal, encouraging, expressive, forceful, dominant and born to rule and are frank, generous, magnanimous and ambitious in nature. They have firm will and forgiving spirit, are voracious readers. Fond of pleasure and luxury, even with limited resources. They are extremely capable of inspiring confidence. They make use of every opportunity that arisesJealous of own fame and unlikely to become a victim of flattery. They have king sized ego. Very quickly they lose their temper and very quickly they shall retrieve it back. They always want to do something big and small things do not appeal to them. They have greatness thirst upon themselves.

Leo is very independent but they need something to control and someone to admire them and appreciate them. They are fully capable of being greatly successful on their own but they are much happier if they have an audience and a following of people who look up to them. They would prefer not be alone. They have a tendency to protect their self respect. Leo people don’t like to speak much. They are highly successful in administration. Considering their fine communication skills and love for spotlight, acting, direction, dancing, event planning, media, public relations etc. are good career options for Leo. Given their acute aesthetic sense. They may also shine well in the fields of designing, animation, painting, modelling, anchoring etc. These majestic beings also have a healing touch, which is why they have potential to make a good career in medical professions. Gets specialization in one field. Charm, attracts opposite sex, ideal lover. Very sexy, fond of non-vegetarian food, fond of wandering in distant places, mountain, hills etc, afraid of cold.

Likely to suffer from inflammation, Sunstroke, Epilepsy, Rheumatic fever, SpinalMeningitis, Heart problem etc.

Physical features

Full stature with well developed bones and broad shoulders, commanding and majestic appearance, oval faced, upper part of the body generally well formed, thin waist,blue or yellow eyes. Their body and their gait is as fit and as balanced as that of a lion.

Auspicious years – 19, 21, 28 and 35

Inauspicious years – 5, 13, and 48