Communication, Indecision, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Chageable

Lucky Color :Yellow
lucky number :7
Ruling Planet :Mercury

Students shall take interest in their studies. For lovers it shall prove to be a lucky day. Businessman can take major decision for their business, if you are in service then your day will be normal if you are planning to invest in speculation then this is the best time for you. You health will be sound and you will be more active.


This month shall be generally auspiciouys for you. Your problems shall get reduced and you can expect gains, comfort and progress. Take final decision by considering your current position. Social reputation shall enhance. Your intelligence shall help you to work successfully in unfavourable situation too. You might not get cooperation of your close friends. Abstain from negative thinking and develop positive outlook.


You would be satisfied about your health. Your mental and physical health shall remain perfect.

Wealth and Property

You shall be busy in the works related to sale and purchase of property. You are advised to make investment sensibly. Try to save your money. Expenses might go out of control.

Work and Profession

There are indications of progress and gains in professional life. There shall be expansion in your business. Your hard work shall yield good results. Try to maintain harmonious relations with colleagues. It shall improve your situation certainly.

Love and Relations

Your love life shall improve. Keep your emotions under control and do not get carried away. Maintain harmony and abstain from negative thinking. There shall be sweetness in your relations.

Matrimonial Relations

There shall be some bitterness in your relationship with spouse.


Chant Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.

Health Problems

1, 18, 19, 27, 29


In this year Saturn shall enter into Sagittarius on 26th January. In the first half of the year Rahu shall remain in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo. On 9th September Rahu shall enter into Cancer whereas on 12th September Jupiter shall be entering into Libra. Venus shall remain combust from 21st March to 25th March.Venus would be combust again after 14th December.

For you Saturn shall enter into 7th house on 26th January. In the first half of the year Rahu would be in 3rd and Jupiter in 4th house. On 9th September Rahu would transit into 2nd and on 12th September Jupiter would be entering into 5th house.


The health shall remain average in this year. You won't suffer from any serious health trouble in this year. Therefore try to improve the current condition by adopting a disciplined life style. Be disciplined in your eating habits and do not let yourself become victim of any mental tension or stress created by any opponent. Unnecessary tensions can affect your health negatively.

After 12th September there shall be more improvement in your health. You would be fit physically as well as mentally. Your working efficiency and personality would shine.

Wealth, Property

There is probability of gain of land, house or vehicle in the first half of the year. The aspect of Jupiter on 8th house can bring in gain of paternal property. The financial gains shall go on increasing because of which there shall be improvement in your financial position. Some auspicious celebration or marriage etc will be the reason of increased expenses.

After 12th September make investment on property sensibly. Your some money might get spent in curing the health troubles of your family members. There would be probability of sudden financial losses.

Work, Profession

By getting help and guidelines from experienced people you shall be able to bring improvement on your professional front. You would be enjoying the cooperation of your seniors and government officers. The transit of Jupiter shall prove auspicious for getting a bigger post of responsibility.

Because of your success at work the number of opponents for you might increase and at that time you shall have to be cautious from secret enemies however they won't be able to harm you. The first half the year is indicating sudden and good financial gains. In the ending part of the year i.e after 12th September there are indications of few troubles in business.

House, Family & Society

This year shall bring in good results for your family life. The first half of the year is auspicious for family atmosphere. There would be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family. You would be getting full cooperation of your mother. The third house Rahu is auspicious for the enhancement of your social reputation. There would be probabilities of your marriage.

After 12th Septeber the family atmosphere might get affected and would also create difference of opinion with family members which would cause mental tensions to you. You are advised to speak sensibly otherwise tensions in relationship are likely to get increased.


The first half of the year would be average for your children and they are advised to work sensibly with concentration for the up gradation of education.

After 12th September you would be getting good news about the birth of child. This time period can also be considered suitable for conceiving. You can expect the birth of child at that time and in addition to that there would be probability of marriage of your elder child.

Career and Competition

The first half of the year would be average for your children's education. You shall have to work very hard for the progress of your career. In this year the new opportunities of career making shall get created.

Third house can bring in the cooperation of experienced people as a result of which you can expect success in business and reputation in society. The transit of Jupiter in 5th house is indicating success in getting admission in an educational institute in the latter part of the year.

Travel & Transfer

This is a favorable time for going on short business related journeys. You are likely to visit your native place.

After 12th September those aspiring to get higher education might go abroad to achieve this objective in this year. Those in job are likely to get transferred to a place of choice. The combine impact of Jupiter and Saturn of transit on 9th house is indicating all types of journeys including pilgrimages and journeys to tourist places, historical places and foreign countries.

Religious Deeds & Propitiation of Planets

The aspect of Rahu on 9th house might create few obstacles in religious activities. You won't be much focused in activities like meditation, yagya and religious Anushthaan etc.

Donate iron articles black articles of use to poor people.

Flow one coconut in running water every month.

Donate Saptadhanya (7 grains) on Saturday.

Do Abhishekam of Shivling daily.

General Characteristics Gemini

Geminis have a dual nature and therefore seem changeable, sometimes reckless and fickle. Totally flexible and adaptable, they can work at multiple tasks simultaneously but they may lack persistence. These people are curious, clever, sociable, witty and adaptable with good communication skills. They are poor in terms of making quick decisions. They make friends easily and are charming and curious. They may have difficulty making decisions. If they learn to harness their efforts in one area they tend to be very successful. They make great salesmen and can talk you into anything they want to. They are funny and most of them like to dance. Bold with keen understanding of human nature, humane and sympathetic. Remarkable for ingenuity, originality and intellectual ability, capable of grasping situations on spur of moment. Liable to lose from fraud and deception, get providential help,unusual power of adaptability. Gain competence in all mental pursuits. They lack in concentration, determination and quick decision making .

They have natural inclination towards learning and education. They are good in mathematics and statistics. Tend to become experts in mechanical sciences. Business like attitude and have wealth of information in every matter. Many brilliant conversationists, poets, orators, writers, musicians, are born in this sign. They are successful in professions like financial management, accounts, teaching and banking industry. They can become very successful chartered accountants. These people are also known for their variable temperament, restlessness, impatience. Follow two occupations. Can take up new assignments and be successful in them. Suffer continuous misfortune in service. They should avoid talking too much about their tasks and let their actions speak more than their words. They should also avoid getting deeply involved in chitchatting. Their office is likely to be filled with all kinds of phones, computers, fax machines, and various other gadgets. The purpose of their life is to bring people closer, spread information, sponsor businesses, to create solutions, and to teach – so, any career which calls for these qualities would perfectly suit them. They earn honor in society. Obstacles and losses through females. They must be cautious in moving with opposite sex. Interested in philosophy and religion. Weakness for women and adept in winning their affection. Always welcome to any social gathering. Marriage is full of interest and excitement for them.

Liable to suffer from Colds, Bronchitis, T.B. Eosinophilia, Influenza.

Physical features Gemini

Tall and well formed body, height above average, long slender hands, moderate complexion,depression near chin, active and clear speech, sharp and active eyes, black eyes,long nose, mole on face.

Auspicious years - 33 years to 46 years

Inauspicious years gemini- 47 to 56,

Their lucky gem is Emerald.