Numerology Reading

Pages : 9-11
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Price: 199

Numerology Reading Features:

Charts & Calculations

  • Basic Numerological Calculations
  • Ank Kundali
  • Numerological Life Graph
  • Adjustment of Name Number
  • Calculation of all Lucky Objects, Day/Date etc as per Numerology


  • Numerological Predictions
  • Adjustment of Name Number


  • Favourable time, favourable day, favourable dates
  • Friendship and partnership, love, marriage
  • Lucky vehicle number
  • Health and diseases, occupation
  • Fasts, stone, color, favourable lord and mantras
  • Material to be donated
  • Adjustment of name number to get favourable results
  • Vastu & Niwas
  • Herbal Wearings, Herbal Bath, Yantra


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