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What is Janam Kundali?

This extensive report of Janam Kundli will provide you with a view of your birth chart which has your personal details such as your name, gender, date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. This online Kundli chart has been in use for a very long period on a worldwide basis to have a basic idea about the future of a person which helps a person in making the best choices in their lives. In this fast developing world, it’s better to look after our advancement rather than crossing the path of the other people.

Planning your future might help you to make your coming time more beautiful and amazing. It will help you to make better choices in life and would let you lead a healthy prosperous life. You can at least be mentally and physically prepared to face anything that the time might show you and you can ensure a great time ahead. Thus, this online Janam Kundli would help you to grow and be successful in all the aspects of your life namely career, business, education and all that are mentioned in this report. This online Kundli report at Indian astrology is considered as the most important report in which the predictions are given with accurate calculations that will help a person to lead a prosperous and problem free life.

Features of the Janam Kundli Report:

Janam Kundli report is strictly based on the principles of Vedic astrology in which the 12 houses of the birth chart along with the 9 planets are given highlighting each phase of our lives. Calculations of each zodiac sign are done with the same algorithm of the birth chart.

Janam Kundli predicts a lot about a person. Janam Kundli gives us a basic idea about the future and personality of a person. One can have an idea about their strength and their weaknesses through the Janam Kundli. A person should have their exact birth details like date and time of the birth, place of their birth and all that in order to have the accurate predictions of their Janam Kundli. Every house in the birth chart of a person is associated with different facets of their lives like marriage, career, or finance. A birth chart or Kundli represents our entire life in the form of diagrammatic representation given in it.

  • The physical structure, health, strength, and capabilities of a person are represented in the first house of the Kundli of a person. Preferences and desires of a person are also controlled by this house of the birth chart.
  • Financial aspects of a person like monetary gains and losses, wealth, and luck are controlled by the second house of the Kundli of a person as per their sign and the planet associated with it.
  • The relationship with brothers and sisters, neighbors, short travel, communication, writings and agreements of an individual are reflected in the third house of the Kundli of a person.
  • The fourth house of the birth chart is associated with personal things and matters of a person related to their mother, property, ancestral wealth, house, income and education.
  • The fifth house of the birth chart of a person reveals about their descendants. This house also represents the artistic pleasure and the business of a person.
  • The sixth house of the birth chart of a person is also called by the name of Dustanta house. The existence of some malicious planet gives favorable results in this house of a person.
  • The seventh house of the birth chart signifies the matters related to early marriage and business partnership, ties, relationships with the partners and marital gains.
  • Life longevity, achievements, legacy, secret dealings, accidents and matters like these are reflected in the eighth house of the birth chart.
  • The Ninth house of the birth chart highlights spiritual tendencies of the individuals along with their faiths and beliefs, pilgrimage, humor, and religious beliefs.
  • The tenth house of the Kundli of a person deals with the honor, morality, status, societal position, fame and profits from the government. This house also portrays the ambitious nature of a person.
  • The eleventh house of the birth chart of a person sheds light on the social position and reputation of a person, their friends, community, society, ambitions and their desires can be easily judged through this house.
  • Gains and losses in the life of a person are clearly represented in the twelveth house of their birth chart. The 12th house of the birth chart reflects the secret dealings of a person. It throws lights on the behaviors, enemies, scandals, and dilemmas of the natives.

List of Astrology Calculations provided by the Janam Kundli Report

  • Avakhada Chakra
  • Birthday Panchang
  • Transitions and positions of the planets.
  • Calculation of Birth Chart, Moon Chart, Navamsa Chart, Chalit, Narayan Bhava Chalit - the Basic calculative important charts that would give you a basic idea about the strength of horoscope.
  • Karak, Avastha, Rashmi - importance & Power of planets.
  • Sudarshan Chakra - it would represent the position of all the planets in the Sun, Moon, and Lagna charts of a person from all perspectives. Study of the house in respect to the zodiac sign in all the 3 charts.
  • KP System
  • Tables having Significator & Ruling Planets in KP.
  • Tables of the position of the Planets, Bhava Middle & Cusps.
  • Shodashvarga Charts - 16 different charts are given in this report to study all the areas. No event can be predicted only on the basis of these divisional charts. A detailed study of the birth chart will also be required for this. The position of these planets is not given in these divisional charts. The powers of these planets are strictly restricted to the house that they have occupied.
  • Tables of Shodashvarga
  • Friendship Table
  • Tables of Shadbala and Bhavabala
  • Graphs of Shadbala and Bhavabala
  • Upagraha & Arudha, Shannadi Chakra, Tripapa Chakra
  • Tables of Prastharashtakvarga and, Ashtakvarga
  • Graphs of Bhinnashtak and Ashtakvarga
  • Vimshottari Dasha with Sub-Sub-Sub period
  • Yogini Dasha, Ashtottari Dasha, Kaal Chakra Dasha & Char Dasha
  • Astro Graphs: Astro Graphs for 20 years for Health, Finance

With the accurate calculations and detailed predictions, the Janam Kundli Report is the ultimate solution to all your problems that will help you to lead a prosperous life free from all the hassles and difficulties.


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