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Matching horoscope takes the concept of natal astrology and applies it to interpersonal relationship between two individuals, usually by comparing their birth charts to one another. Free match making / kundli matching / horoscope matching solves this purpose. The purpose of kundali matching is to determine areas of compatibility and incompatibility in a relationship, as well as information about the timing of important events in the future of the relationship.

Horoscope matching on the basis of Ashtkoot matching and Manglik Dosh matching is a very old concept of kundli matching which is very popular even today.

The horoscope matching software of future point gives accurate Manglik Dosha matching along with totals points matching in both horoscopes with the help of its kundli matching mathematics. From this Horoscope Matching software the compatibility results in different areas of life are calculated. In this Kundali matching software the horoscope of a girl can be matched with several boys on one single screen. The horoscopes of the boy and girl can be studied and analyzed independently before the final kundli matching. Here we have options to get Free Matchmaking & Paid Matchmaking too.

Free Matchmaking or Horoscope matching (Melapak) software incorporates matching rules kundli matching. The kundali matching software has been designed with the minutest concept of planet matching, horoscope matching, gun milan and various kundli matching fundamentals. In Horoscope matching Manglik Dosha always receives prime importance. In horoscope matching software details of Manglik Dosha has been given along with explanation of the rules of Manglik Dosha cancelation. The basis of these kundli matching / gun milan discussion is based on the observations of various scholars of astrology. Therefore it is very effective to get kundli matching score with the help of horoscope matching software. The Horoscope Matching / Gun Milan software contains various methods of Kundli Matching like Gujarati, Indian and traditional systems.

Free Matching Features:

Charts & Calculations

  • Charts & Calculations
  • Varan, Vashya, Yoni, Gana, Nadi, Varga
  • Planetary Degree and Current Vimsottari Dasa
  • Calculation of Birth Chart of both
  • Ashtakoot Guna Chart
  • Manglik Dosh Compatibilty


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