Free Kundli Matching for Marriage

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Free Kundli Matching for Marriage

Marriage is the most important event in anyone’s life. Everyone desires for a compatible and understanding life partner. A compatible life partner makes our life more meaningful and beautiful. Matching kundli is the process of matching horoscopes of both the partners to determine the level of compatibility between them Kundli matching is done to make sure whether both the partners will be perfect for each other or not or their married life will be successful or not.

This Free Horoscope Matching report for marriage at Indian Astrology is an exclusive report available at the free of cost for the users. This is the detailed report of Free kundli Matching to evaluate the gunas and the compatibility level between the couples. The report comes up with detailed information regarding the love life of both the partners.

Free Matchmaking Horoscope report would let you know about all the doshas and the yogas along with the remedial measures. This report would let you know if the Manglik dosha resides in the kundli of the couple and in case if it is present in the kundli, then it would suggest you with the remedies to make your love life free from all the negativity and worries.

What will you get to Know from this Free Matching Kundli Report at Indian Astrology?

Online Horoscope Matching report is the best horoscope at Indian Astrology which is created by the best online horoscope software Leo star. The report is really helpful for all the matters regarding the nature and personality of both the partners. It makes easy for you to determine whether the couple will be able to lead a happy married life or not. The most important task of our life is to find a suitable partner with whom we can share our entire life. And having a single partner for life is not easy. That is why horoscope matching is considered as the most important process before tying the knots.

Marriage is not just the unification of two people. It’s the union of two families who share the bond with each other for their entire lives. Guna Milan, navamsa chart, and Manglik dosha are the most important factors while matching the kundli of the partners. The Gunas of the partners are compared to each other in such a manner that it depicts the different areas of the married life of the couples.

The report will depict the bond between the couple in their married life. This Free Marriage Horoscope report also determines who will overpower the other in their love life. This report would let you know about the elements like the varna or jati, the vaishya, and the nakshatras while matching horoscopes of both the partners. These factors would let you know about the category that the boy and the girl belong to along with the level of powers between the partners. This report will analyze the love, relationship, and friendship between the couples. This free kundli matching report will depict the health and the life longevity of both the partners. This report would let you know the planetary positions and their effect on your love life.

How Guna Milan Scores Define the Kundli Matching?

Guna Milan means matching the qualities of the partners which is done before the marriage. There are a total of 36 gunas in the kundli of every person, and the score of matching gunas defines the nature of the marriage and the scope of the relationship between the couples. Marriage depends on the guna Milan scores of both the partners. The guna Milan scores decided whether the marriage between the partners will be suitable or not.

If the guna Milan scores less than 18 points out of the 36 gunas, then the pair will not be considered as the ideal match and the marriage would not last long. If the score is between the 18 and 24 points then the relationship would be acceptable and the marriage will be considered as a good match as mentioned in the principles of Vedic astrology. In the case of the score between 24 to 32 points then the marriage between the partners would be amazing and that couple will be considered as the ideal match for each other. And if the score is 32 out of 36 then the marriage is considered wonderful and prosperous for both the partners and that couple will be the excellent pair and it depicts that they will have a wonderful love life afterward.

Matching Kundli Online for Free is the easiest and the appropriate way to predict the course of life for the partners. You must match your Kundli with your partner for free to know how your love life will be in the upcoming time.


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