How Different Remedies Work

Objective of Astrology is to give accurate predictions about future but its utility lies in the correct and effective solutions to our problems. Astrology is highly beneficial because with the help of ...more

Guidelines to Determine Profession

All planets in the 10th house give good results, because it is one of the Upachaya Bhavas besides being the most powerful Kendra. Even Rahu in the 10th house gives pilgrimage, or political status and ...more

Profession Through Astrology

It is not possible for an embodied soul to remain without work. He who renounces the fruits of action achieves renunciation"" The Gita 18:11 We perform our Karmic duties as designed by the supreme pow ...more



N. C. Singal

All in all, the 12 houses of the horoscope reserves the tenth house for one’s professional life. Strictly speaking, in the long-drawn struggle in every man’s life span is the most trying and demanding ...more

Know Your Profession from Karakamsha

This article endeavour to show how far astrology enables one to choose a successful vocation consistent with one's aptitude. One can consider the Karkamsha chart for this as a pivtol point. ...more

Marriage Compatibility and Problems

Compatibility plays key role in maintaining the stability in married life. The planetary combinations which are inevitably essential for marriage compatibility have been discussed in this article. ...more

Marital Problems

Marital Problems

Sitaram singh

In this article the main planetary combinations which create problems in married life have been discussed with illustrations. ...more

Judgement of Wealth from Horoscopes

Everybody in this world longs for and strives hard to become rich and lead a comfortable life, but this is regulated by his prarabdha (result of Karma(actions) in previous births). This truth becomes ...more

King of Pop: Michael Jackson

King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away on 26th June after getting a massive heart attack. Michael Jackson was born on 29th august 1958 in Gary Indiana. He was having 9 brothers and sisters. His fathe ...more



Arun Bansal

अश्व्यादिरूपं तुरगास्य योनि क्षुरोन एणास्य मणिर्गृहं च। पृषत्कचक्रे भवनं च मंचः शय्याकरो मौक्तिकविदु्रमं च।। तोरणं बलिनिभं च कुण्डलं सिंहपुच्छगजदन्तमंचकाः। त्र्यास्रि च त्रिचरणाभमर्दलौ वृत्तामंचयमल ...more

Health and Astrology

Sound mind lives in a sound body. Ayurveda states that for attaining any type of progress in life the first equipment needed is healthy body. The great spiritual science states - "Na Ayamatma Balheene ...more

Astrology Can be Used as a Guide

The analysis of physics of Astrology indicates that it is that place of energy where science, art & spirituality connect. "Jyotisham Vedanaam Chakshuh" means that Astrology is eye of Vedas (Supreme Kn ...more

Shatabdi Panchang

From a long time astrologers were looking for a book containing easier methods of readiong 100 years Panchang because only the letters of Hindi script were used in the Panchangs that were available in ...more

Astrological Softwares

Astrological Softwares

Yashkaran Sharma

The computerization of Astrology has brought revolution in the field of astrology. People well versed with the programming and astrological knowledge created astrological software to cater to the need ...more