Rahu, Ketu & Spirituality

Western view of Rahu/Ketu : It is well known in Western Astrology that the North Node of the Moon (Rahu) represents a spiritual target, soul’s mission to accomplish in this life. It is the direction o ...more

Forgotten System of Natural Dasa

The only planet that revolves earth alone is the Moon and it becomes the satellite of the earth. Thus the direct influence of the Moon governs the Human mind. On this reason vedic mantras in Navagraha ...more

Major Role of the Moon in any Dasa, Bhukthi Results

The Vedic Astrology strongly emphasises that “Chandrama Nakshtranamadhipathi” means Moon is the significator or ruler of the stars. “Udu” means the planet Moon. That is why the Vimsotari Dasa system ...more

A Research on Mars Dosh

When Mars is present in 1, 4, 7, 8 or 12th house of the horoscope, the native is Manglik. This dosh is much detrimental when considered from ascendant, while from Moon the dosh is less. According to ...more

Marriage and Jyotish

Vivaha or Marriage, according to Indian ethos is a Sanskar, a sacrament. The aims of Indian marriage are said to be Dharma, Virtue, Progeny and Pleasure. It is both a religious duty and a social obl ...more

Timing of Marriage

Timing of Marriage

N. C. Singal

Like in other fields, astrology plays an important role in arriving at the timing of marriage by adopting different tools available in this divine science. A technical examination of the birth chart ...more

Astrology, Wealth and Prosperity

The natal horoscope is a portrait of a person's life. Health, Wealth, Career and Marriage are the major issues which are of concern to all of us. Today we are living in a materialistic society, theref ...more

Political Assassinations

Political Assassinations

Arjun Kumar Garg

In the illusion of human life some survive, some succumb, some procure super success and some fall down in dump. Politicians are public figures as they get pomp and power. Astrologically, politicians ...more

Role of Saturn in Denying Marriage

Saturn is the most malefic planet as far as its natural characteristics are concerned. Saturn, though malefic, is a planet which plays an important role in every event of life. It is the Saturn which ...more



Arun Bansal

अश्व्यादिरूपं तुरगास्य योनि क्षुरोन एणास्य मणिर्गृहं च। पृषत्कचक्रे भवनं च मंचः शय्याकरो मौक्तिकविदु्रमं च।। तोरणं बलिनिभं च कुण्डलं सिंहपुच्छगजदन्तमंचकाः। त्र्यास्रि च त्रिचरणाभमर्दलौ वृत्तामंचयमल ...more

Health and Astrology

Sound mind lives in a sound body. Ayurveda states that for attaining any type of progress in life the first equipment needed is healthy body. The great spiritual science states - "Na Ayamatma Balheene ...more

Astrology Can be Used as a Guide

The analysis of physics of Astrology indicates that it is that place of energy where science, art & spirituality connect. "Jyotisham Vedanaam Chakshuh" means that Astrology is eye of Vedas (Supreme Kn ...more

Shatabdi Panchang

From a long time astrologers were looking for a book containing easier methods of readiong 100 years Panchang because only the letters of Hindi script were used in the Panchangs that were available in ...more

Astrological Softwares

Astrological Softwares

Yashkaran Sharma

The computerization of Astrology has brought revolution in the field of astrology. People well versed with the programming and astrological knowledge created astrological software to cater to the need ...more