Karlsarpa dosh effects in Kundli and remedies

Karlsarpa Dosha is the placement of Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus all helmed in one side of Rahu and Ketu in Kundli or horoscope of a native. A Karlsarpa Dosha in Kundali of a n ...more

Lal Kitab methods for all major life problems

As one would know, the origin of Vedic astrology dates back to over 5000 year back. It was introduced to the Mankind through the ancient text of Vedas. Thus, the origin of Vedas and astrology dates si ...more

Know Child’s Future with Child Astrology!

For every married couple, one of the important aspirations is to beget a child through their relationship. This has been one of the reasons why marriage has been given an important social status from ...more

When does the effects of Sade Sati end?

In Vedic astrology, Saturn’s transit is considered to be the slowest amongst the nine planets. Since, lord Saturn takes 2.5 years to travel form one zodiac sign to the other. Hence, the results of Sat ...more

Positive Traits of Shri Rahu Yantra

In the Vedic astrology, as one would know, there are nine planets representing various traits. This list of planets starts from lord Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Venus in ...more

Where to keep Rahu yantra at home

As one would know, in the Indian Vedic astrology, there are 9 planets. In fact, there are 7 planets and two shadow planets. Why two shadow planet and who are they? Rahu and ketu or the North and South ...more

Horoscope and Styles of Horoscopes

Horoscope is actually the map of the time of birth in which nine planets are enshrined in 12 different houses. In this way the entire zodiac which consists of 360° is divided into 12 parts called Bhav ...more

Narendra Damodardas Modi

Narendra Modi’s evolution from quintessential Organization Man of the BJP to one of India’s best known leaders ...more

Medical Profession/Doctor in Astrology

After completing Education the biggest concern of the person is getting a good job or starting his own business. The world is changing at a pace faster than ever before. Every day different careers ...more

Shadbala Summary

Shadbala Summary

Yashkaran Sharma

various positions are the various sources of strength known as Shadbala. The methods of calculation of Shadbala can give a quick insight in the state of planets and houses. ...more



Arun Bansal

अश्व्यादिरूपं तुरगास्य योनि क्षुरोन एणास्य मणिर्गृहं च। पृषत्कचक्रे भवनं च मंचः शय्याकरो मौक्तिकविदु्रमं च।। तोरणं बलिनिभं च कुण्डलं सिंहपुच्छगजदन्तमंचकाः। त्र्यास्रि च त्रिचरणाभमर्दलौ वृत्तामंचयमल ...more

Health and Astrology

Sound mind lives in a sound body. Ayurveda states that for attaining any type of progress in life the first equipment needed is healthy body. The great spiritual science states - "Na Ayamatma Balheene ...more

Astrology Can be Used as a Guide

The analysis of physics of Astrology indicates that it is that place of energy where science, art & spirituality connect. "Jyotisham Vedanaam Chakshuh" means that Astrology is eye of Vedas (Supreme Kn ...more

Shatabdi Panchang

From a long time astrologers were looking for a book containing easier methods of readiong 100 years Panchang because only the letters of Hindi script were used in the Panchangs that were available in ...more

Astrological Softwares

Astrological Softwares

Yashkaran Sharma

The computerization of Astrology has brought revolution in the field of astrology. People well versed with the programming and astrological knowledge created astrological software to cater to the need ...more