Importance of Lagna and Lagna Lord

Lagna is the pivot of an individual's horoscope. It indicates in brief the pattern of native's life in this birth. Strong Lagna and Lagna lord are invariably accompanied with benefic yogas in the horo ...more

Importance of Lagna

Importance of Lagna

Dimple Babbar

Analysis of different types of personalities coming from different walks of life on the basis of 12 lagnas and different planetary position. ...more

Combinations for Fame

Being known to each and every common man is what makes a person famous. Fame comes in different spheres of life. A child born to an already famous person is known to many due to media and publicity. H ...more

Who will be the American President?

The US Presidential Election 2008 is heating up. The real heat is not between democrat and republic candidates but severe fighting is taking place between resilient Hillary Clinton and bold Obama. ...more

Financial Apple Cart

Financial Apple Cart

Arjun Kumar Garg

Name and fame, money and prosperity is very prone to obnoxious loss if houses of wealth (1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th) and their lords are influenced by the houses of loss (6th, 8th and 12th) or ...more

Marvels of Vedic Astrology

Astrology can forewarn us so that we forearm ourselves to fight with a disease whereas it is not possible in medical science. Here is an analysis of the parameters which should be considered to predi ...more

Astronomical Analysis of Kalsarp Yoga

The placement of Rahu in different houses results in the formation of 12 types of Kalsarp Yogas. The results of these Kalsarp Yogas are dependent on the houses where Rahu and Ketu are placed. To under ...more

Judgement of wealth through Indu Lagna

'Indu Lagna' is an independent and complete method devised by our ancient Rishis for finding out specific period of life which will give wealth and prosperity of an individual irrespective of othe ...more

Lal Kitab : An Astrological Marvel

Lal Kitab, originally published in urdu language, enshrines such effective astrological principles and remedial measures that it has rightly been termed as "The Wonder Book" of Astrology. ...more

Congratulation President Barack Obama

We congratulate Mr. Barack Obama for his historic victory in US presidential election which is the greatest news of the weak and it was already predicted by our Future Samachar magazine in its latest ...more



Arun Bansal

अश्व्यादिरूपं तुरगास्य योनि क्षुरोन एणास्य मणिर्गृहं च। पृषत्कचक्रे भवनं च मंचः शय्याकरो मौक्तिकविदु्रमं च।। तोरणं बलिनिभं च कुण्डलं सिंहपुच्छगजदन्तमंचकाः। त्र्यास्रि च त्रिचरणाभमर्दलौ वृत्तामंचयमल ...more

Health and Astrology

Sound mind lives in a sound body. Ayurveda states that for attaining any type of progress in life the first equipment needed is healthy body. The great spiritual science states - "Na Ayamatma Balheene ...more

Astrology Can be Used as a Guide

The analysis of physics of Astrology indicates that it is that place of energy where science, art & spirituality connect. "Jyotisham Vedanaam Chakshuh" means that Astrology is eye of Vedas (Supreme Kn ...more

Shatabdi Panchang

From a long time astrologers were looking for a book containing easier methods of readiong 100 years Panchang because only the letters of Hindi script were used in the Panchangs that were available in ...more

Astrological Softwares

Astrological Softwares

Yashkaran Sharma

The computerization of Astrology has brought revolution in the field of astrology. People well versed with the programming and astrological knowledge created astrological software to cater to the need ...more