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Leading Love Marriage Specialist, Mr Yashkaran Sharma has been providing Love Problem Solution for over 3 decades. His expertise in Horoscope reading and predicting the future through Kundli Matching knows no bounds. Known as the man behind the best selling Astrological Remedies book, the ‘Encyclopaedia of Astrological Remedies’ he is the most trusted name in the field of Vedic Astrology.

The best love astrologer in India, Mr Yashkaran Sharma has served over thousands of clients’ in his career and provided them with accurate antidotes for all their problems, be it marriage related, career-related, or finance. His charming demeanour and innovative way of predicting the impending days of the native have made him a favourite of the masses. The Best Marriage Astrologer in India, Mr Sharma is a humble soul who believes in spreading joy through his wisdom of this esoteric science of fortune-telling. A celebrity Astrologer, he provides Online Marriage Astrology Consultation to his clients for easy access to prosperous and happy marriages. You can get Horoscope Reports prepared by the #1 Astrologer in India or get to Talk to Astrologer so that all your solutions to each and every problem are just a click away. Having bagged several accolades, Mr Yashkaran started his career as a humble English Graduate but his inclination towards the occult only increased with time, getting to a point where he deemed it only fitting that he studied the course where his heart lies. Today, if anyone is looking for an Online Love Astrologer or a Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer near me- Yashkaran Sharma is the first name that pops in their head. As is known, the word of mouth travels fast, so does his royalty. Love and Marriage aren’t his sole areas of expertise, he is also a master at what he does in the fields of Education, Career, Business, and Finance.

Astrology Services Offered by Yashkaran Sharma:

He sticks to the rules of Vedic Astrology only to tweak the best possible remedies to end the miseries of his clients. His wide span of the network has spanned oceans and now his clients ring in from all over the world. No matter what your problem is or where it starts from, Yashkaran Sharma has mastered the art of predicting future through Kundli and Horoscope, which entitles him to know the intricacies of the lives pretty well. From Education, Love, Family, Finance, Property & Travels, to Business and Career- he provides his indispensable knowledge and analysis to his clients in the form of either Horoscope Reports or Talk to Astrologer Online Astrology Consultation. The Astrology Services offered are:

  • Horoscope Consultation
  • Career Astrology Consultation
  • Love Marriage Astrology Consultation
  • Love & Relationship Consultation
  • Business Astrology Consultation
  • Finance Astrology Consultation
  • Planetary Transit Reports
  • Remedial Astrology Reports

He’s also a Senior Faculty member at AIFAS, the All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies and teaches Astrology courses to senior level students. His excellent way of amalgamating Traditional Indian Astrology with a Modern Outlook of Astrology has garnered him a lot of fame in recent years. He is editor and writer in major Astrology Magazines and journals on Astrology and its related fields.



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