Sadhna Ralli Batra

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Expertise: Tarot

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A telepathic healer, Ms. Sadhna is a parapsychologist who masters in the field of Occult Science and foretelling. She has been blessed with clairvoyance by the supreme and she made sure that she used this gift for the benefit of the people. Sadhna has over 14 years of experience in Tarot card reading and has an extrasensory perception through which she can experience the things which her client is facing.

Since early days she has been toying with the idea of knowing the future and how her perceptions transformed into reality. The visions paved her way to foretell the future of her kith and kin, thus forming a chain of events that will lear to her garnering popularity and fame.

Her naturally gifted psychic sense of future prediction and humble nature of helping those in need gave her a clear mind to set foot forward and benefit people to achieve happiness in life.

Being an active member of numerous events and religious organisations Ms. Sadhna has added several feathers to her hat. Also dealing in healing and meditation, she is the best Tarot card reader in Delhi, who can balance your chakras while giving you a proper insight into your future through Angel cards. Having a strong intuitive power, she can accurately predict what the future holds for a native just by a glance. Her crystal clear mind can access all the parts of her brain, allowing her to delve deep into the regions of her clients’ mind. She has often been called Best Tarot Astrologer in Delhi NCR because of all the word of mouth that travels of her benevolence and being the most genuine astrologer in India.

You can Consult Ms. Sadhna for an Astrologer consultation on Phone where you can get a Tarot reading done, or you can get Detailed Analysis done by her.


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