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Astrology is the most ancient science from time and memorial. This Science is continuously researched and updated by various scholars, saints, scientists, and Best Astrologers, which culminated into the most concise, accurate and practical Vedic branch of Astrology known as LAL KITAB. I am Rajendra Sarin, Lal kitab Astrologer. I have gained my Astro knowledge from Palmistry and then Vedic astrology. Eventually I came to know about Lal Kitab Astrology from world famous Lal kitab Astrologer G.D VASHIST.

It is not different from Vedic astrology but the calculation and study of horoscope is different. It is an innovative and simple way to study horoscope. I was shocked with its effectiveness. The calculations & predictions are unique and simple and its remedies are very simple to do and work magically to sort out our problems. I followed it very seriously for a long time and worked hard to get the core knowledge of this vast subject. I am in this profession since 2004 and helped numerous clients to get to the right path. Its remedies are simplified, cost effective and are not bound by the laws and practices of any religion as evident from his clients and followers from all parts of the world and from all religions.

Services Provided by Rajendra Sarin:

  • For Education and Talent.
  • For getting success in your life.
  • For Happy Married life.
  • For a Capable and Talented Children.
  • For peace and satisfaction in life.
  • For a strong health & wealth.
  • For sort out of your problems.


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