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Famous Astrologer in Delhi and the Governor of Punjab Region of AIFAS (All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies), Dr. Suresh Atray is a jack of all trades. Having extensive knowledge in the field of Vedic Astrology, Jaimini, Parashari, Horary, Muhurata, and Homams- he has aced in all fields with his knack to never stop learning. With a humble attitude and pleasant personality, Dr Suresh Atrey quickly becomes the favourite of all with accurate predictions followed by a deep understanding of the problem the native is facing. Dr. Atrey can provide his guidance on all facets of life. With attributes that garner the honour of one and all, Dr. Suresh has been in the field of Astrology for more than 28 years now. With a scientific Approach, he is able to balance the knowledge of Astrology and Veda Shastra with a pragmatic outlook- thus bestowing him with the power to foretell the native’s future accurately. The biggest propagator of Indian Astrology Online, Dr. Suresh is also the Chairman of ’Aryavart Jyotirvigyan Sanstha’.

Often known as the best marriage Astrologer in India, Dr. Suresh has done substantial research in the field of Marriage Astrology and provided his guidance as for the best marriage Astrologer in Delhi. Being a love marriage problem solution astrologer, he has catered to thousands of queries of the couples from estranged marriages, matrimonial development of couples in love marriages, divorce or separation, delay in marriage, and how to attain marital bliss in life. He has done and answered all of them with excellent responses and remedies that counterattacked the individual’s problems with ease. He is an ardent believer of Vedic Astrology and how it can create a blueprint of our future.

Honoured with numerous laureates, Dr. Suresh Atray was bestowed with an honorary award by the State Home Minister of India, Mr. I.D. Swami in the May of 2001. Being the chief conductor of several Astrology seminars and conventions, he has garnered huge client base and ardent supporters who have used his wisdom to get rid of their problems. He was also the chairperson of the National Seminar on Astrology sponsored by UGC at DAV Shatabdi College, Phillaur, wherein he also presented his own research paper in Astrology. Another laurel in his kitty was when he presented another set of his Reseach Papers on Astrology at the Uttarakhand Open University, Mewar University, and Punjab University. The Best Marriage Astrologer in India, Dr. Suresh Atrey has contributed his blood, sweat, and tears in compiling the curriculum of Astrology in the mentioned Universities.


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