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Man takes birth. The struggle for existence begins since then. Fate and destiny bring him face to face with his Karmas. Astrology would make us believe that one’s past Karmas as well as present Karmas conjoin to shape man’s Karmakshetra. The stage when the Karmas begin to manifest in rewards can be tentatively called that portion of one’s life when service begins, or a shop is opened. Various careers await everybody. In accordance with qualifications and experience, one enters the professional field. In the Hindu way of life, there are the famous sixteen Samskaras through which one human life passes. Unfortunately, going to workplace is not one of those sixteen Samskaras. All in all, the 12 houses of the horoscope reserves the tenth house for one’s professional life, from where we delineate the multifarious facets of a career.Strictly speaking, in the long-drawn struggle in every man’s life span is the most trying and demanding phase is his capability to earn money. And money comes by toiling. Every activity performed – be it a job, a contract, a shop- results in reward of money. Therefore, predicting about one’s profession is quite a tricky affair. For the time being if it is taken as granted that profession is another name for ‘toil’, then necessarily there is element of Martian character creeping in. For good reasons, we can ruminate that 10th House in the Kaal Purush Kundli is the exalted Rashi of Mars, from where it aspects the Lagna and the 4th House, as also the 5th House. Since Jupiter occupies 4th House being in its exaltation, Rashi and Jupiter is 9th lord, the link between 1st, 5th and 9th houses gets established. The grand scheme of the Creator goes a little further also. The 5th Lord Sun occupies, Lagna being its exaltation sign, which Mars aspects. These three are the Dharma houses. Performing our Karma is nothing but our Dharma.

N. C. Singal | 01-Jan-2014

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