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Lord Krishna dictated that one should uplift one's self and should not cause one's self to sink down into ruin because one is one's friend or one's own enemy (Geeta, chapter 6, shlok 5, 6). This is possible when one conquers one's sense. It imbibes the men to get rid of fear of having to miss what he has. This is a savour of salvation, a sign of satiety. Thus spiritualism is far over materialism, which is a sign of despondency, delusion, infestation and temptation with which we involve. There have been a number of spiritualistic great men who emanated the doctrine of assimilation of human being with Brahma (God) rather than to be materialistic. Infact, they come to purge the Earth of burden of evil human. Who inspire them to act upon such holy tasks of innovation the paths to get calm and salvation? Let us look into the subject astrologically.

Cosmos, termed in Hindu philosophy as Brahma (God) is a huge source of energy which is neither created nor destroyed but remains constant. This, in science, is called "first law of thermodynamics". Scientists admit the existence of some sorts of energy as super power that controls the laws of cosmos (or the nature). The realisation of the mystery of these laws is called Brahma vidya and the realisation of ones's innerself (Soul) is called Atma vidya. The latter is the staircase for Brahma vidya. Spirituality is, therefore, a synthesis of two phenomena of knowledge - Brahma vidya and Atma vidya.

Cosmology describes the wandering position of planets in a zodiacal circle of about 150 in width and 7.50 in north and south of the equator. Of these planets the Sun stands for self confidence and self knowledge (Atma vidya), Moon for consciousness, Mars for logic, excitation and passion, Mercury for learning, knowledge and intelligence, Jupiter for divine knowledge and wisdom, Venus for lust, comforts and materialism, Saturn for introspection and renunciation and Ketu for salvation. While Jupiter is a planet of spiritual contemplation, Venus is that of materialistic exhilaration. Materialism is passionately infatuated. A person having Venus in 7th or 12th house of his chart is very materialistic and passionate. If this is influenced by Moon, Mars, Mercury or Rahu, the lust and passion of the native become exorbitant. Then, he loves wine, women and wealth.

In a chart the trine places, especially 5th and 9th houses, and their corresponding 5th sign Leo and its lord Sun as well as 9th sign Sagittarius and its lord Jupiter are of religious persuasion. The 5th house is not only religious but also a place of creation, procreation, recreation and speculation. It distinctively differentiates the person whether he is spiritualistic or materialistic. Whereas some planets - Mars, Venus and Saturn in this house unless aspected or associated by Jupiter are responsible for philanderer instincts to the native, some other planets like Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu endue for creating spiritualistic instincts. Generally, spiritual persons are of high self-confidence, self- strength and self-knowledge, conferred on them by a strong position of Sun in their charts. It is well known that Sun is energy, power, life, recognition and self realisation. It is a general perception of astrologers that Sun-Saturn (father-son) relation either by combine or aspect is not conducive to a chart because Saturn is the most bitter enemy of the Sun. Thus the Sun-Saturn combine is inimical to marital happiness, stability to Govt. services and father-son relationship. It is also Sun-Rahu combine who is not known for name, fame and recognition yet both these relationships are good significator of mystic and spiritualistic attainments.

The general perception is that the conjunction of malefic planets - Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu such as Sun-Mars, Sun-Rahu, Mars-Saturn, Mars-Rahu, Saturn-Rahu, and even Mars-Venus, Venus-Rahu are not desirable in any house because they puddle and tremor the brain. Thereby the endocrine glands become active exorbitantly and increase the hormonal activity. Such natives (adrenaline and testosterone rich) feel oppressed and develop complexes like insatiability, aggression, lust, passion, temptation, frustration, excitation and eventually doing work on sly. Therefore these people are not having strong inclination towards spirituality. Spirituality, at first instance, requires stability of mind which is conferred on the native when the Moon is influenced by the association or aspect of either Jupiter Saturn or Ketu. This can be observed in charts of many spiritual and philosophical celebrities like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Saint Vivekananda, Shri Aurobindo. For illustration, the chart of Lord Krishna is considered.

1. Sun-Jupiter in Leo posited in 4th house and aspected by Saturn. This is a good spiritual relation of planets indicating strong self-confidence, strong will power, deep introspection.

2. Exalted Moon in ascendant aspected by Saturn. This relationship is benevolent for the stability and concentration of conscious mind, critical qualities and to lash out excessive emotions. If the native has weak Sun and Mars, the Moon-Saturn relation becomes inharmonious as the native appears to lose self-confidence and gets sufferings from depression.

3. Mercury in its own sign Virgo in 5th house stands for great intelligence. These three types of planetary configurations impelled Krishna to be a great man of high intelligence and wisdom who presented various paths of spiritual knowledge such as - Samkhya yoga, Bhakti yoga, Gnana yoga, Karma yoga etc.

4. The conjunction of Mars, Venus and Rahu in 3rd house is not spiritual but is known for hefty body, prowess and passion.

Another trine place - 9th house, 9th sign -Saggittarius and its lord Jupiter known for good fortunes and good deeds, are a savour of religion, philosophy and spirituality. Relation of a trine place with an angle in any form, constitutes Raja-yoga, a significator of royal deeds, royalife, good name, fame and prosperity of the native.

Whereas Sociology describes Man's conduct as a result of his character and the environment that surrounds him and the character as the product of his past environment (back to his conception) and his heredity, Astrology predicts for man's conduct, moral and deeds by planetary configurations. Baidyanath in Jataka-Parijata, chapter 14 considers the presence of noble planets in 9th and 10th houses most auspicious for the rise of the native socially, politically and spiritually. He says, " If Moon, Mars and Jupiter or Mercury, Jupiter and Venus get disposited in 9th house, the native is rich, intelligent, erudite and deist who demeans for religious deeds such as worship of deities."

सौम्ये सामरवन्दिते पटुमर्तििर्वद्वान् धनी पंडितः।। 76।।
देवाराधन तत्परो नवमगैः चन्द्रारवागीश्वरै ।। 82।।

The 4th house of the horoscope, the Moon and two watery signs Cancer and Pisces are very emotional, sensitive and imaginative because they shake the conscious mind, ie, cerebrum, celebellum and medulla and secretions of pituitary and pineal glands. While Moon and Mercury are significator of mind, Jupiter is the ability and sensibility of the mind to perceive animism. What is mind ? It is the ability to learn, to respond as a result of experience. When Moon or Mercury occupies either sign or 4th house of a given chart, the native is very psychic, sensitive and emotional and crave affections and encouragements. If these are affected by any noble planet, the God spot of the native's brain becomes active and prone to impel the native to spirituality and philosophy. Similar results are observed if any of 2nd, 5th, 8th, or 9th house is influenced by noble planets. The 8th and 12th houses, though known as enigmatic, are mystic places of deep introspection and salvation respectively. Jupiter in its own, exalted or friendly sign occupying 8th house becomes armour of the native from the turmoils because of its aspects on 12th, 2nd and 4th houses.

Kalidas in his famous book Uttarakalamrita on astrology considers Ketu as a significator of deties, holy places, hymn chanting, spirituality and salvation. Ketu refers to flag, height, eminance. When Ketu is disposited under the influence of strong benefic planet, the native gets an eminant position in his life. Lord Rama had Venus-Ketu, Raman Maharishi ans Chaitanya had Moon-Ketu, Profet Mohammad had Saturn-Ketu, Saint Kabir had Sun-Mercury-Venus-Ketu. However, Ketu is not observed pious with Mercury. The combine Mercury-Ketu evokes the origin of jittery mind, and shrewd, greedy, prevacator and controversial personality on the ground of religion, culture and spirituality like Meher Baba and Chandraswamy.

"Ignorance of the law" does not redeem someone who breaks it. Similarly, ignorance on a conscious level of the karmic law of repercussion does not redeem us from the karmic debt when we run through life spiritually blinded, ie, state of unawareness. We shall not be awakened from the deep sleep until and unless we sublime the lust and passion of Venus, and insatiable, incendiary, petulant, arrogant, huffish and immodest nature of Mars and Rahu. This is possible when these passionate planets come in proximity of divine planets. Thus, Sun-Mercury-Venus, Mercury-Jupiter-Venus, Sun-Jupiter, Sun-Saturn aspected by Jupiter are some spiritual and philosophical cofigurations. In india there have been many great persons who had left their physical comforts, lust and passions because of sublimation of enigmatic characteristics of their Mars, Venus and Rahu. Consequently, they realised the truth of life, nature and Higher Power and hence grasped animism. Adi Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Saint Tulsidas, Rabinder Nath Tagor and Sri Aurobindo all had Sun-Mercury-Venus combine. Saint Vivekananda had Mercury-Venus combine. Guru Nanak had Sun-Mars-Mercury combine and Lord Mahavira had Mars-Ketu combine aspected by Jupiter. In this way right configuration of planets provides ability to the native to scruitnize his real emotions towards every thing and their significance in his life.

Lord Mahavira and Gautam Buddha both born in Kshatriya (warrior caste) and royal families. Even then, they left affection of their families and luxurious comforts of palace in search of spiritualism. In their views the search of absolute knowledge of Brahma as infinite Being, was futile. Though they denied the existence of God, their mission was to unite the way of earth with a way of heaven. Their repudiation of Vedic belief did not lead them to materialism. What are unusual astrological traits in their charts ?

1.The chart of Lord Mahavira is fortified by four exalted planets- Sun, Mars, jupiter and Saturn. This is a Rajyoga but their inter-link is a powerful tool of philosophical and spiritual approach. The similar planetary configuration appears in the charts of Lord Rama and King Vikramaditya.

2. Ascendant occupied by Mars - Ketu and aspected by divine Jupiter become significant for salvation. The arrogant, agonistic and agonizing nature of Mars diminishes by the effect of Ketu and Jupiter.

3. Aspect of Saturn on Jupiter is a strong sign of renunciation, deep introspection, salvation, endurance and endowment In addition to Sun-Mercury combine is known for wise and wisdom.

4. House of religion, ie, 9th occupied by Moon, ruling mind, is not afflicted by any malefic, Therefore, the Moon, ie, the mind is compassionate, sensitive and theistic.

5. Gautam Buddha was one of the most active missionaries. He wandered to many places for about 45 years preaching his doctrine of precept to get rid of the people of ill and sufferings. Thus he served humanity without any temptation. In his chart the house of deeds (10th) is occupied by a group of 5 planets - Sun in exaltation, Mars in own sign, jupiter in friendly sign, Venus and Saturn, all aspected by Moon. This inter-link of 6 planets is a significator of ascetism, spiritualism and renunciation. This coincides to what Manteshwar in Phaldeepica and Baidyanath in Jataka parijat, chapter 15 say that if four or more planets are posited in a single house, the native will become an ascetic of the order indicated by the strongest among the planets.

एकक्र्षसंस्थैः चतुरादिकैस्तु ग्रहेर्वदेत्र बलान्वितेन प्रव्रज्यकां।
तत्र वदान्ति केचित् कर्मेश तुल्यां सहिते खनाथे।। फलदीपिका, अध्याय 27, श्लोक 2

Indian philosophy is grateful of two seers- Adi Shamkar and Ramanuja who performed a great work through spiritualism to unite Hindu scatterred all over India. The main features of their work are that Brahma (God) is every thing, it is the truth of truth, and the Soul and the God are one. What prompted these two seers to do such a noble work ? Astrologically, they were induced by exalted Sun along with Mercury and Venus posited in 10th house of their charts. The 12th house is known for expenses, loss, physical and sexual pleasures and even for salvation. Moon and/or Venus in this place induces expenses, loss, physical and sexual pleasures but under the influence of Jupiter and/or saturn they animate the native for spiritual pleasures, detachment, renunciation, salvation and supreme knowledge of truth (Brahma-vidya). Kalyan Verma says-

रविबुधशुक्रा भाग्ये जनयन्ति नरं प्रकाशिनं कान्तम्।
रिपुपक्ष परिक्षणं नृपतिसमं सारवन्तं च ।।62।।Saravali

" If Sun-Mercury-Venus be posited in a house, the native will be famous, virtuous, praise-worthy, free from enemies and equal to a king in qualities." As per our experience the combine if posited in 6th or 7th house is not conducive for these benign qualities.

In the chart of Adi Shankar Moon posited in 12th house is aspected by Saturn while in the chart of Ramanuja Moon-Jupiter combine posited in 12th is aspected by Saturn. Both the seers were ascetic, compassionate, philanthropic, philosophic and spiritualistic.

The chart of Sri Aurobindo, a mystic spiritualistic seer also shows Sun-Mercury-Venus combine in royal sign Leo and Moon-Saturn in Sagittarius. This is worthwhile to acknowledge that Moon-Jupiter and Moon-Saturn produce almost same waves for spiritual consciousness.

Kabir and Nanak are known as theistic and mystic thinkers who worked for social emancipation and religious reform. Though one was born as a Hindu and the other as a muslim, both ultimately tried attaining to a similar religious consciousness, gentleness, kindness, tolerance and humility. Thus, both because of their pious disposition and reflecting speeches attracted the minds of people of all religions. Guru Nanaka was inspired by Super Power for the foundation of Sikh philosophy enriched with spiritualism. He invokes the God as the one, the sole, the timeless being, the creator, the self existent, the incomprehensible and the everlasting. He emphasized," Truth is higher than everything but higher still is true conduct."

Chart of Guru Nanak shows a combine of 3 planets- Sun, Mars and Mercury aspected by a duo of Moon-Saturn which, in turn, get aspect of Jupiter, making an inter-link of 6 planets. The relationship of Moon-Saturn with Jupiter is divine, ascetic, pious, philanthropic, spiritual and social reformer.

Similarly, the chart of Saint Kabir explores a combine of 4 planets- Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ketu, all aspected by Moon, Mars and Jupiter, making an inter-link of 7 planets. These planetary configurations are synchronous to what is in the chart of Gautam Buddha.

This is bizarre that Rahu significator of anguish, conflict, criticism, and evasion is mystic and spiritual, and stands for worldly detachment and renunciation in the charts of many religious persons. For them it is not conducive for their family happiness and luxurious comforts. If Rahu eclipses the Sun or the Moon, the native is adherent to what is in his brain. If the brain waves are towards a misdeed, the native is inclined to be an atheistic, fervid, shrill, petulant, pernicious, peevish and greedy but if the brain waves incline towards animism, the native concentrates himself for religious, compassionate and philanthropic deeds. What directs the brain waves towards either misdeeds or good-deeds ? This is the planetary configuration. This can be illustrated by the chart of saint Kabir, where Moon-Rahu combine produced obstinate brain waves and the combine Sun-Mercury-Venus-Ketu (aspected by Moon, Mars and Jupiter) lost the passion of Mars and Venus. Then, what left ? Brain waves free from materialism and temptation, that awakened spiritual consciousness. This is synchronous to the chart of Mahatma Gandhi whose brain waves were obstinate due to Moon-Rahu and sublimation of materialistic passion due to the aspect of Jupiter on Mars-Mercury-Venus.

Spiritualism requires a person of firm mind and steady wisdom. Sri Krishna described to Arjuna the symptoms of such a person as if he gives up all the desires which are in his mind and becomes satisfied in himself with himself.

प्रजहाति यदा कामान् सर्वान् पार्थ मनोमतान्।
आत्मन्येवात्मना तुष्टः स्थित प्रज्ञस्तदोच्यते।। Geeta, Chapter 2, Hymn 55

This is a sort of renunciation. Is renunciation essential for spiritualism ? If it is yes, then where stands the doctrine of work ? Astrology never negates the doctrine of work but does stress through the essence of 10th house which is super next to 9th house of fate. The emphasize must be to guard the mind and wisdom from the corrosion of worthless temptation. This is invoked by the influence of Jupiter on Sun-Mercury, Moon-Saturn, Moon-Rahu and Moon-Ketu. If Moon is influenced by Mars, Venus and Rahu or Venus occupies 7th or 12th house, the native can not safeguard his perception from that corrosion and consequently huddle puddle not only himself but also those who are in his proximity.

Could the two dictators Hitlar and Mussolini be expected to have the fragrance of spiritualism? Astrologically, no. Because in the chart of Hitlar the disposition of Sun-Mars-Mercury-Venus in 7th house is vitiated by the aspect of Saturn. Similarly, the chart of Mussolini is vitiated by Moon-Mars-Saturn in 7th house. We should remember the enigmatic nature of Mars-Saturn, Mars-Venus, Mars-Rahu and Venus-Rahu combines to generate the brain waves with arrant and pernicious perception, vituperation of materialism and also to earn money, post and power by unscrupulous means. How such natives enjoy spiritual snugness ?

Dr. Arun Bansal

Dr. Arun Bansal

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Yashkaran Sharma

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