Role of Saturn in Denying Marriage

Role of Saturn in Denying Marriage

Shailja Gaur

Saturn is the most malefic planet as far as its natural characteristics are concerned. Saturn, though malefic, is a planet which plays an important role in every event of life. It is the Saturn which is a great giver and approver of marriage, in the life of each and every human being. But this Saturn under certain conditions can deny the marriage even.

Being a separative planet by nature it is capable of making a native to renounce the world to make one an ascetic. It is a planet which under certain combinations and configurations makes renowned saints and preachers of religion.

Since this paper is related with the role of Saturn regarding the married life, we shall restrict ourselves to this aspect of Saturn only. Since a natural significator or karaka of sanyasa, for anything related to worldly pleasure and sensuousness, it becomes highly detrimental, because yog and bhog cannot live together. For these reasons, and under certain combinations Saturn is capable of denying a native getting married.

The rules are as under :

  • When the Sun and the Moon are under the influence of Saturn by the aspect or association or these planets are placed in the star/constellation of Saturn.
  • Next comes the Venus: In case along with the Sun and the Moon, Venus is also influenced by the Saturn in a manner as discussed above the things are worsened.
  • Apart from the Sun, if the Moon and the Venus, lord of 5th house or the 5th house itself come under the influence of Saturn, the matter relating to marriage worsens and it can become a case of even denial of marriage.

NOTE: It is very important that all the factors mentioned above when come under the influence of Saturn, one can precisely say that the marriage is denied. In case, one of the above factors escapes the wrath of Saturn, in that case marriage may take place but it will not survive.

Now arises a point here as to why these three factors? And these can be assessed as :

  • The Sun is a planet who represents soul (atma) and stands for moksha also. When this Sun is under the grip of Saturn one stands detached from worldly affairs.
  • The Moon represents mind and stability of mind. Hence when the Moon is afflicted by Saturn in any way as detailed above one’s mental stability gets disturbed which hampers the pleasure of marriage.
  • Venus apart from being a natural significator of marriage, it also signifies all types of luxuries of life along with one's sex life being a natural karka of sex and sensual pleasure; where as Saturn has totally reverse qualities in contravention of Venus.
  • 5th house depicts one's love life and emotions related to the same and when the 5th house or the lord of 5th house are under the influence of Saturn all the matters discussed get disturbed.
  • This is just an approach to see the behavior of Saturn as far as the marriage is concerned. We are still working on this aspect, but what we have found in our experience is being illustrated by examples given below:

    Example No.1

    DOB:6.3.1965, TOB:22.35PM IST, POB:Ambala(Haryna) Longitude:76E49' Latitude:30N 19'

    Sign Libra rises in the ascendant at 17deg.13mnts. planets, their longitudes and the sign they posited in are shown in the chart. The Sun, Venus and Saturn are placed in 5th house. The Moon is placed in the 7th house with Jupiter. Now all the factors as discussed are applicable.

    Chart belongs to a very well qualified and a beautiful girl working in a public sector company drawing a handsome salary. She crossed 41 years of her age but till now, she is not married. Though other combinations of denial of marriage are also visible, but we are restricting to the role of Saturn on the Sun, the Moon, Venus and 5th house and its lord. Thus the rule applies here also.

    Example No.2. Female

    DOB:29.12.1966, TOB:14.50PM IST, POB:Delhi Longitude : 77E13' Latitude:28N40'

    Sign Taurus rises in ascendant at 04deg 47mnts. Saturn is placed in 11th house. While the Sun, Venus and the lord of 5th house Mercury, all are placed in 8th house. All these planets are under the 10th house aspect of Saturn. Though the Moon is not under the influence of Saturn directly, but it is posited in its own sign Cancer in the 3rd house conjunct with an exalted Jupiter. This is in the star/constellation Pushya ruled by Saturn. Thus all the planets as discussed are under the influence of Saturn.

    The native is a beautiful and well educated girl. She is in her 40th year, but not married till now.

    Example No. 3 Male :

    DOB:20.11.1966, TOB:21.45PM IST, POB:Ambala (Haryana) Longitude:76E57' Latitude:30N55'

    Sign Cancer rises in the Ascendant at 06deg 58mnts with exalted Jupiter posited there in. The Sun and Venus are placed in 5th house in the sign Scorpio. Both these planets are in the constellation Anuradha ruled by Saturn, further both are being aspected by Saturn from 8th house. The Moon is conjunct with Saturn while lord of 5th house i.e. Mars is under the aspect of Saturn.

    The native is in his 40th year. He is well educated and employed in Government sector earning well. But till date he is unmarried. The rules pertaining to Saturn’s influence on all the factors are visible which has denied marriage to him.

    Example No.4

    DOB:20.11.1968, TOB:23.50PM IST, POB:Nabha(Punjab) Longitude:76E09' Latitude:30N22'

    Sign Leo rises in the Ascendant at 02deg 55mnts. Saturn, lord of 6th and 7th is placed in 8th house. This Saturn is aspecting lord of 5th house i.e. Jupiter by its 7th house aspect and it is further aspecting Venus by its 10th house aspect. Both the Sun and the Moon are conjunct in 4th house in sign Scorpio. Both these planets the Sun and the Moon are placed in the star/constellation Anuradha, ruled by Saturn. Thus all the relevant factors are being influenced by Saturn.

    The native in her 38th year is still not married. She is a beautiful and well educated girl working as an lecturer in an prestigious Institute.

    Conclusion : During our research it has been observed that whenever the Sun, the Moon, Venus and the lord of 5th house or 5th house are under the influence of Saturn directly or indirectly, marriage is denied and this rule applies to both males and females. In case out of four factors two or three are influenced by Saturn one may get married but it will be a disturbed married life.

Vinay Garg

Vinay Garg

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Abha Bansal

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Dr. Suresh Atrey

Dr. Suresh Atrey

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