Rajiv Gandhi - An Analysis of Death

Rajiv Gandhi - An Analysis of Death

Future Point

here is a controversy about his Lagna, as some believed in his time of birth being 8.11 A.M. and some 9.50 A.M. I submit that the time 9.50 A.M., war time is correct. He was born on 20th August, 1944 at Bombay, Latitude 18.55, Longitude 72-54 E. The difference between I.S.T. and L.M.T. is 38 min. 24 sec. Sun rise on that day was at 5.42 A.M. L.M.T. and sun set at 6.25 P.M. L.M.T. As war time was one hour ahead of I.S.T. the time of birth was 8.50 A.M. I.S.T. or 8.11.36 A.M. L.M.T.

The houses at birth and the planetary positions are given below :

  1. 5-8-50

  2. 6-8-4-40

  3. 7-8-4-20

  4. 8-8-40

  5. 9-8-4-20

  6. 10-8-4-40

  7. 11-8-50

  8. 0-8-4-20

  9. 1-8-4-40

  10. 2-8-40

  11. 3-8-4-20

  12. 4-8-4-40

Sun 4-4-31, Moon 4-18-33-53, Mars 5-1-50-54, Mercury 4-29-11-3, Jupiter 4-12-49-18, Venus 4-19-21-17, Saturn 2-14-49-50, Rahu 3-3-24-27.

Longitude of Gulik at birth was 9-8-40. The Navansha lord of Gulik was Sun. Now we consider the factors by which the time of birth can be verified to be correct.

  1. Gulik falls in Capricorn. It should be 1,3,5,7,9 or 11 from Lagna. Here it is 5 from Lagna.

  2. Isht is 6 gh, 14 pal. The star of Sun at birth was Makha which is 10th from Aswini. Dividing the Isht by 2 and adding 10 the number of star of Sun at birth we get 13 gh. 7 pal which falls in Virgo as the 13th star is Hast. So Virgo Lagna is correct.

  3. Pranpad Isht is 6 gh. 14 pal. 6 gh = 24 Rasis. 14 pal = 280, so Madhyam Pranpad is 0-280. As the Lagna is in a common sign, the moveable sign triangular to it is Aries and the longitude of sun at birth is 4-4-31. So adding 0-4-31 to Madhyam Pranpad we get 1-2-31 as the Spasht Pranpad. As lagna is 5 from it, so Lagna is correct.

  4. According to Tatwa theory, he was born on sunday, when Tejas tatwa was rising at sun rise. The cycle of tatwas on that day was as given below :

Teja 18 min. Vayu 24 min., Akash 30 min., Prithwi 6 min., and Jal 12 min. He was born 2 hr. 30 min after sun rise. One half cycle of tatwas last for 1 hr. 30 min. and ends at Jal. Then the tatwas start in the reverse order. Starting from Jal, Prithwi to Teja again a half cycle of 1 hr. 30 min. is completed. He completes one half cycle after 1 hr. 30 min. and passes 1 hr. in the reverse cycle, which falls exactly in the middle of Vayu tatwa. Though it is a female tatwa but a person born exactly in the middle of this Tatwa is a male.

Considering all the above factors, his time of birth and accordingly the Lagna is correct.

Ashtakvarga figures are given below. The figures against each planet indicate the Rekhas before reduction in its Ashtakvarga, counted in the order Aries, Taurus etc., while the figures in the brackets are the Rekhas after Trikona and Ekadhipatya reductions.

Sun 5(3), 4(1), 7 (4), 5(3), 2(0), 3(0), 3(0), 2(0), 5(2), 5(1), 4(0), 3(0).

Moon 2(0), 6(6), 7(1), 3(0), 4(2), 0(0), 6(0), 6(3), 2(0), 3(4), 7(0), 3(1).

Mars 2(1), 2(0), 8(7), 4(3), 0(0), 3(0), 4(3), 1(0), 4(0), 6(6), 2(0), 3(0).

Jupiter 5(0), 6(3), 7(0), 2(0), 4(0), 7(1), 5(0), 4(3), 5(0), 3(0), 4(0), 4(2).

Mercury 6(2), 3(0), 8(7), 6(2), 2(0), 5(1), 4(2), 2(0), 6(0), 5(2), 2(0), 5(1),

Venus7(3), 3(0), 6(6), 3(0), 4(0), 4(2), 6(5), 3(0), 6(0), 4(1), 1(0), 5(1).

Saturn 2(0), 2(0), 7(6), 5(2), 3(1), 2(0), 2(0), 4(1), 2(0), 5(5), 3(0), 2(0).

Ascdt 3(0), 4(0), 7(6), 4(0), 4(3), 5(0), 3(2), 7(2), 2(0), 4(2), 3(0), 3(1).

Gross life obtained from the above sodya pindas by multiplying them by 7 and dividing by 27 is given below :

Yr. M. D. Gh.

Sun 30 7 3 20

Moon 46 11 3 20

Mars 33 8 26 40

Mercury 42 0 0 0

Jupiter 23 7 3 20

Venus 51 0 26 40

Saturn 41 8 26 40

Ascdt. 66 4 13 20

Mandal Shudh Ayu.

Yr. M. D. Gh.

Sun 23 4 26 40

Moon 7 0 26 40

Mars 20 3 3 20

Mercury 12 0 0 0

Jupiter 23 7 3 20

Venus 3 5 10 0

Saturn 12 3 3 20

Ascdt. 12 4 13 20

Astgat and Shatrugat Harnas are as given below :

  • Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus in one sign, hence lives contributed by them will be halved.

  • Jupiter is combust, hence half life lost.

  • 3. Mars in enemy house, so one-third life reduced.

Venus in enemy house, hence one-third life reduced.

In case of two Harnas of a planet, only the maximum is done. So the Astgat and enemy Harnas will be as follows:

Sun one half, Moon one half, Mercury one half, Jupiter one half, Venus one half and Mars one third.

After this Chakrardha Harana is done which is as given below:

Sun in the visible half loses whole life. Mars and Saturn in the visible half loses one third life each.

The total Harana of each planet is as given below:

Sun whole, Moon half, Mercury half, Jupiter half, Venus half, Saturn one third and Mars one third, two times one after the other.

After the Haranas the nett life is as given below:

Yr. M. D. Gh.

Moon 3 6 13 20

Mars 9 0 11 41

Mercury 6 0 0 0

Jupiter 11 9 6 40

Venus 1 8 20 0

Saturn 8 2 2 14

Ascdt. 12 4 13 20

Total 52 7 7 15

Multiplying the above total by 324 and dividing by 365 we get the actual age as 46 yr. 8 M. 8 days. He was born on 20 August, 1944 and life ends on 28 April, 1991, a difference of 23 days so that the calculation is almost correct.

His birth star is P. Phalguni second Pad. Balance of Venus Dasa at birth is 12 yr. 1 m. 25 days.

Venus Dasa upto 15-10-1956

Sun Dasa upto 15-10-1962

Moon Dasa upto 15-10-1972

Mars Dasa upto 15-10-1979

Rahu Dasa upto 15-10-1997

He died in Rahu-Venus-Venus Dasa.

The houses and planetary positions at that moment are given below:

  1. 9-2-17-30

  2. 10-5-23-20

  3. 11-9-7-30

  4. 0-11-35-30

  5. 1-9-7-30

  6. 2-5-23-20

  7. 3-2-17-30

  8. 4-5-23-20

  9. 5-9-7-30

  10. 6-11-35-30

  11. 7-9-7-30

  12. 8-5-23-20

Sun 1-7-51-5, Moon 4-18-44-40, Mars 3-8-23, Mercury 0-13-45, Jupiter 3-15-10-33, Venus 2-21-28-35, Saturn 9-14-32, Rahu 8-29-22-54.

Rahu at the time of death was passing through the Kaksha of ascendant with 2 points and 26 in Sarvash-takvarga. It was aspecting the eight house, the house of longevity. Venus was passing through the Kaksha of Mercury its enemy with 2 points and 23 in Sarvashtakvarga Lagna and 8th house, both were afflicted by Rahu. Venus was situated in Gemini the ememy house with Ketu. Saturn was passing through Capricorn, the position of Gulik where it contributed no point in its Ashtakvarga. Hence accident and injuries from weapons. Jupiter was passing through Cancer where it contribute no point in its Ashtakvarga. It was also passing through Vipat star. Though it was exalted but was combust in the Natal chart. At the moment it was situated with Mars in Pushya star which is a Vadha star for the native. Mars was passing through its own Kaksha with 3 points and Vadha star. Mars is also lord of 8th house in Natal chart.

Sun is placed in Leo in Natal chart. The 8th sign from it is Pisces. It has 3 points in its Ashtakavarga in Pisces. Multiplying 3 by Sodya Pinda of Sun 118 we get 354. Dividing this by 12 the remainder is 6. When Sun's Sankranti in a month is in sign 6 or its triangular are i.e. 10 or 2, the death of the native takes place. Here Sun entered Taurus on 13 May, 1991.

In the Ashtakvarga of Mars, the points from Mars situated in Virgo upto Lagna are 30. This multiplied by 7 and divided by 27 gives 21 as remainder that is the star Uttarashad. As Rahu was passing through Uttarashad at that time the death took place.

The native was having Madhya Ayu and the Dasas started from Venus. Rahu the 5th Dasa from Venus becomes a Marak Dasa.

He was born in Virgo Lagna, which is a day Rasi, the death must take place when Saturn passes through the sign occupied by Gulik that is Capricorn and Saturn was passing through Capricorn.

He was born in the day time. Hence finding out longitudes of Sun and Saturn we get 6-19-20-50. This falls in the star Swati whose lord is Rahu and the death took place in Rahu Dasa.

Jaimini Niryan Sula Dasa Lagna is stronger than the 7th house as it has a planet and 7th is not ocupied by any planet. Lagna belong to Virgo, therfore the Sula Dasa runs in the reverse order, that is Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Libra. Each Dasa carries for 9 years and each Antar dasa for 9 months.

Rudra planet : The lord of 8th house is Mars. The lord of 8th house of the 7th house from Lagna is Venus. Venus is stronger than Mars, so Venus becomes Prani Rudra. Mars aspected by Ketu becomes Aprani Rudra. The Dasas run as given below :

Virgo 9 yrs., Leo 9 yr., Cancer 9 yr., Gemini 9 yr., Taurus 9 yr., Aries 9 yr. He died when his age was 46 yr. 8 month 1 day. He died in Aries Dasa.The Antardasas run as follows :

Aries 9 m., Taurus 9 m., Gemini 9 m. He died in Gemini Antardasa. Aries is aspected by Dasa sign occupied by Prani Rudra that is Leo. Aries is the 8th sign from the sign occupied by Aprani Rudra. Gemini is aspected by Aprani Rudra Mars in Virgo and it is occupied by Saturn. Hence death in this period.

Father's Death : The death of his father took place on 8-9-1960 in the Niryan Sula Dasa of Leo after 16 year 18 days from birth that is 7 year 18 days in Leo Dasa. Leo Dasa begins on 20.08.1953 and the Antar Dasas run as Leo 9 m., Virgo 9 m., Libra 9 m., Scorpi 9 m., Sagittarius 9 m., Capricorn 9 m., Aquarius 9 m., Pisces 9 m. and Aries 9 m. Total comes to 6 yr. 9 m., so that Aries Dasa is over on 20-5-1960. Hence death took place in Taurus Antardasa. Leo is the sign occupied by 8th lord from Sun that is Jupiter. It is also the Dasa sign occupied by Sun and Mercury. Capricorn is the 9th sign from Virgo. The Janma Lagna in the reverse order. 8th lord from Capricorn is sun which occupies Leo. Hence death took place in Leo Dasa. Sign occupied by Sun is Leo, which aspects Capricorn and Taurus in the 9th Sula from Capricorn. Hence death took place in Leo Dasa and Taurus Antardasa.

Mother's Death : The death took place on 30-10-1984, when his age was 40 yr. 2 m. 10 days. Starting from Virgo in the reverse order, he completes 36 years after Gemini Dasa. 4 Yr. 2 m. 10 days remain in the next Dasa Tauras.

He completes Leo Dasa on 20-8-1983 and Virgo Dasa on 20-5-1984. Libra Dasa ends on 20-2-1985. So she died in Taurus Dasa and Libra Antar Dasa. Both the Dasas are death inflicting for the mother. Virgo is occupied by Mars and Taurus is the 5th Sula Dasa sign from it. 4th from Lagna is Sagittarius and 8th from it is Cancer whose lord Moon occupies the sign Libra. Hence death took place in Taurus Dasa and Libra Antardasa.

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Dr. Arun Bansal

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