Judgement of Profession and prosperity Through Navamsa

Judgement of Profession and prosperity Through Navamsa

Sitaram singh

'Navamsa' is one of the divisional charts prepared in Vedic Astrology for indepth study of any particular aspect of a person's life indicated by the lagna Chart. For example, Saptamsa (D-7) is used for judging progeny aspect, Navamsa (D-9) for marital happiness and strength of planet, Dasamsa (D-10) for professional success, Dwadasamsa (D-12) for parental happiness, etc. Exact time of birth is essential for erection of correct divisional charts. These charts are read in the same manner as Rashi Chart. Benefics occupying or aspecting divisional chart Lagna promote specific significations, while malefics cause disappointment.

Navamsa is 1/9th division of a Rasi (sign), covering an arc of 3°20'. There are 108 Navamsas in 12 Rasis. In Fiery sign the 9 Navamsa divisions are ruled by the lords of nine successive Rashis beginning with Aries; in Earthy sign these are ruled by the lord of 9 successive Rashis starting from Capricorn; in Airy sign the reckoning begins from Libra; and in Watery sign from Cancer. Thus Navamsa, ruled by the lords of the 12 signs, are repeated 9 times successively, beginning with the first point of Aries. A Nakshatra (13°20') is also divided into four equal parts of 3°20' each, called Nakshatra pada (quarter).

There are 108 (27x4) Nakshatra padas. Thus Navamsas and Nakshatra padas are identical in length (arc), demarcation and lordship. Importance of Navamsa The Navamsa Chart is used to seek confirmation of the type of married life of the native discernible from Lagna chart. When Navamsa Lagna lord is a benefic and stong, or Navamsa lagna is conjoined with or aspected by benefics, the native has good natured spouse and leads a happy married life. A malefic Navamsa lord, and malefic influence on Navamsa lagna, produces opposite effect. The importance of Navamsa in Vedic Astrology is evident from the fact that every ancient astrological classic contains one chapter on Navamsa related results.

Acharya Varahamihir in Brihat Jatak (Ch. 19) describes the complexion, form, nature, characteristics, etc. of the individuals born with Moon in different Navamsas and Udit Navamsa (Navamsa lagna). Kalyan Varma in Saravali (Ch. 50) describes in detail the result of each rising Navamsa, while Yavan Jatak (ch. 31) gives detailed result in respect of Navamsa occupied by the Moon. Prithuyasas, son of Varahamihir and author of Horasara, has made use of Navamsa technique in most of the chapters of the book. Nadi Granthas are based primarily on Navamsa analysis. Navamsa chart is given more importance in Maharishi Parasara's Shodasha Vargas.

Mansagari also states जातकफलं नवांशे। meaning "all aspects of life can be gleaned through Navamsa chart." As regards the effects of Navamsa position of a planet, Sarvartha Chintamani points out:

नीचस्थिता जन्मनि ये ग्रहेन्द्राः स्वोच्चांशगा राजसमान भाग्याः।
उच्चस्थिता चेदपि नीचभागा गं्रहा न कुर्वति तथैव भाग्यम्।। (Ch. IX, Sl. 15)

meaning, "A debilitated planet in Lagna chart if exalted in Navamsa gives fortune like that of a king. On the contrary, an exalted planet in Lagna chart if debilitated in navamsa chart does not give favourable result." Thus the ability of any planet to do good is commensurate with its strength in Navamsa chart. It is considered more important than lagna chart and other Varga charts. If Lagna chart is like a tree, Navamsa is regarded its fruits. Vargottama Lagna and Planets When a planet occupies the same Rasi and Navamsa, that is, its Rasi lord and Navamsa lord is the same planet; and when the Janma lagna and Navamsa lagna fall in identical Rasi, it is called Vargottama

वर्गोत्तमो निजनिजे भवने नवांशः।Phala Deepika, Ch. 3.1).

Manteswara in phaladeepika calls Vargottama as Ganotamma to indicate improvement in quality and power of planet. A planet in 1st Navamsa of Chara Rasi (Movable sign), i.e. from 0° to 3°20'; in 5th Navamsa of Sthira Rasi (fixed sign), i.e., from 13°20' to 16°40'; and in 9th Navamsa in Dwiswabhava Rasi (dual-common sign), i.e., from 26°40' to 30° becomes Vargottama. The location of a planet in Lagna chart can also be known through its navamsa position. For example, Vargottama Sun will be in Mesha Rasi between 0° to 3°20'. According to Sarvartha Chintamani :

वर्गोत्तमांशे यदि लग्ननाथे स्वोच्चांशके वा स्वसुहदृकाणे।
शुभान्वित ना शुभदृष्टिपाते नशे भवेदाभरणांत सौख्यः।। (Ch. 2.95)

meaning : "When the lord of the Ascendant is - 1. Vargottama, or 2. In exalted Navamsa, or 3. In own or friend's Drekkana, or 4. Associated with a benefic, or 5. Aspected by a benefic planet the native leads a comfortable life till death." Great importance is also attached to Lagna Vargottama and Moon Vargottama position as it makes the natal chart inherently very strong.

गुणोत्तमे लग्ननवांश कोदगमे निशाकरश्चापि गणोत्तमेऽपि वा।
चतुग्र्रहैश्चन्द्रविर्वानतेस्तदा निरीक्षितः स्याद्धमोद्भवो नृपः।। (Phala Deepika, Ch. 7.5)

meaning, "If the Vargottama Navamsa rises in the Ascendant or the Moon is in Vargottama Navamsa, and if the Ascendant is aspected by four planets other than the Moon, even if the native is born in a low family, he will become a king (in modern context a person with high position)." When a planet is both Uchcha (exalted) and Vargottama it is called Uchcha Vargottama and becomes doubly powerful. For example, Sun, Vargottama in its exaltation sign Aries, is uchcha Vargottama. On the contrary, Saturn when Vargottama in Aries, its debilitation sign, is called neecha Vargottama, and is naturally less powerful. The remaining four planets (Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus) in Aries sign and Aries Navamsa are called Sadharan (simple) Vargottama. If the rising Navamsa is Vargottama in a benefic sign, it is called Shubha Vargottama lagna, while the rising Navamsa in a malefic sign is called Pada Vargottama Lagna and produces corresponding result. The Means of Livelihood The position of 10th lord in Navamsa chart throws light on one's profession. According to Horasara (Ch. XXII,. sl.1) :

स्वस्य स्वभावजनितं प्रकारभेदैदनि समाजोति।

"A person earns from means suited to his innate nature and in accordance with the nature of the planet posited in the 10th house counted from Lagna, the Moon or the Sun or their Navamsa." If there is no planet posited in the 10th house, then :

ग्रहरहिते दशमगृहे चन्द्राद्भनोस्तथा तयोर्बलिनः।
तदधीशराशिनाथ स्वभावलब्धोपजीवनं कुरुते।। (ibid, Sl.3)

"The livelihood will be according to the lord of 10th house, or of the ruler of the Navamsa occupied by the planet owning the 10th house reckoned from the Lagna, or the Moon or the Sun, whichever is stronger, or according to the lord of the Navamsa sign in which the lord of the 10th house is posited." The likely profession indicated by the lord of Navamsa occupied by the strongest 10th lord counted from lagna, the Sun or the Moon is as follows. If the lord of such Navamsa is the Sun, the person earns through fruits, trees, medicines, wool, gold, sculpture, government service, falsehood, cheating and gambling. If the lord of Navamsa is moon,it shows career connected with watery products, agriculture, animal husbandry, clothes, sugar, chanting of mantras, etc. If the lord of such Navamsa is Mars, the profession is connected with bravery (military/police), weapons, fire, metals, cooking, tourism, surgery, medicine, spying, theft and company of evil persons.

When such Navamsa lord is mercury, the livelihood is through writing, literature, study of scriptures, handicrafts, education, astrology, dancing and trickery. When such Navamsa lord is Jupiter, the native earns through teaching, priesthood, astrology, medicine, justice, politics and banking. When Venus is the lord of such navamsa, the livelihood is through women, cows and oher animals, medicines, beautification, singing, dancing, dealing in dairy products, textile, jewellery and cinema. When such Navamsa lord is Saturn, the source of earning will be laborious or from low grade service, sale of coarse grains, roots, salt, vegetables, wood work and butchery. As regards the effort involved in earning one's livelihood, horasara states :

अंशाधिपोऽतिबलवानयत्नतोऽर्थागभं सुखं कुरूते।
अंशाधिपो तिनीचे प्रोक्तफलं स्वल्पमेव विदधाति।। (Ch. XXII.12)

meaning, "If the lord of Navamsa occupied by the 10th lord (from lagna, the moon or the Sun) is very strong, the native will earn money without much effort and remain happy. But, if the Navamsa lord be in his extreme depression, the gain will be very little." About the country of earning, it adds :

स्वस्वामिदृष्टयुक्तं स्वदेशफलदायकं मुनय उचुः।
अन्येन सहितदृष्टं परदेशफलप्रदं प्राहुः।। q%AA (idbid, sl. 14)

"The sages have declared that if the Navamsa Rasi occupied by the 10th lord is aspected by, or conjoined with its lord, the person concerned will be in his own country. If it be conjoined with or aspected by other planet, then he will earn in a foreign country." Gain indicated by Navamsa position of Dasha lord According to Madhyam Parashari (Ch. VI):

पाकेशे भास्कराशस्थे भूपान्मानं विनिर्दिशेत्।
अथवा पितृवर्गान्दा चन्द्रशान्मातृवर्गतः।। (sl.11)

"When the dasha lord is in Sun's Navamsa, there is gain from the King (Govt.) and parental side. If it is in Moon's Navamsa, the gain is from maternal side.

" कुजांशात्पुत्रवर्गेण नायकाद्वा फलं वदेत।
सौम्यांशाद् भ्रातृवर्गेण राजपुत्रेण वा फलम्।। (sl.12)

"If the dasha lord is in Jupiter Navamsa, the gain is through Minister or brother's side. In Venus Navamsa the gain is from females or maternal side.

शन्यंशाच्द्रवगे्रण प्रष्यवर्गात्फलन्तथा।
राहौ फलं शूद्रवर्गात्किे चिदादुुर्गनीषिणाः।। (sl.14)

"If dasha lord is in Saturn Navamsa, then gain is through lowly placed persons. Acharyas say that in Rahu Navamsa, the same result will accrue." In the dasha of planet in Saturn and Mars Navamsa there is no gain from servants and low caste, and in the dasha of planet in Jupiter and Venus Navamsa there is no gain from servants and maternal uncle. Importance of Pushkaramsa In addition to the beneficial result produced by Vargottama lagna and planets, their Pushkar Navamsa position produces excellent result. According to Jataka Parijat (Ch. VII. 25) oxksZÙkes ok ;fn iqLdjka'ks lkjsUnqnsosnz xqjkSu`iky%A "When Jupiter with Mars and the Moon occupies Vargottama or Pushkar Navamsa, the person born is a king." The following Navamsa are called Pushkar Navamsa:

  • Aries , Leo and Sagittarius sign: The 7th Navamsa - Libra, i.e., from 20° to 23° 20'; The 9th Navamsa - Sagittarius, i.e., from 26°40' to 30°.
  • Taurus , Virgo and Capricorn sign : The 3rd Navamsa - Pisces, i.e. from 6°40' to 10°; The 5th Navamsa - Taurus, i.e. from 13°20' to 16°40'.
  • Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Sign The 6th Navamsa - Pisces, i.e. from 16°40' to 20°; The 8th Navamsa - Taurus, i.e. from 23°20' to 26°40'.
  • Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces sign The 1st Navamsa - Cancer, i.e. from 0° to 3°20' The 3rd Navamsa - Virgo, i.e. from 6°40' to 10°; Each sign has two Pushkara Navamsa. There are in all 24 (12x2) Pushkara Navamsa. These are owned by benefic planets only. Of these 24 Pushkara Navamsas, 3 are Vargottama (Taurus, (5th one), Cancer Navamsa (1st one) in Cancer sign; and Sagittarius Navamsa (9th one) in Sagittarius sign. Any planet posited there in Natal, Muhurta or Prashna chart becomes very strong and produces excellent result.

A few examples are discussed below: Late Shri N.T. Rama Rao, matinee idol of South and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, had his Moon (18°51'7") and Jupiter (18°32'18") in Libra lagna (19°12') in Pisces Pushkar N a v a m s a . Ketu (Aquarius 24°14'32"), the Sun (Taurus 13°18'57"), and Mercury (Taurus 14°18'23") were also in Pushkar Navamsa. The Sun is exalted in Navamsa and Mercury is in Vargottamsa. All these five planets and rising lagna in Pushkar Navamsa made an ordinary individual very wealthy and famous.

In the case of film actor Amitabha Bachchan, film actor Jupiter in Cancer sign and Navamsha is Uchcha Vargottama. It is in Pushkar Navamsa. Yogakaraka Venus debilitated in Virgo sign in Lagna chart, is in Taurus (own) Navamsa and Pushkar Navamsa. This planetary position explains his spectacular name, fame and wealth. In the horoscope of Shri Rahul Dravid, former Indian Cricket Team Captain and World famous player : Mars in Scorpio is Vargottama. Sun in Sagittarius (27°23'7") is in Vargottama and Pushkar Navamsa. Similarly, Jupiter in Sagittarius (26°11'36") is Vargottama and in Pushkar Navamsa. In the horoscope of Shri L.K. Advani, BJP leader : The Sun, Moon, Jupiter are exalted in Navamsa Chart, Saturn is Vargottama and Mercury in own Navamsa. These powerful planets lifted an ordinary party worker of BJP to top ranking national level politician.

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