The Indu Lagna

Pushaplata Sharma | 01-Jan-2014

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The Indu Lagna

A method of working out the extent of prosperity of a person is to determine the Indu lagna in his chart and see the disposition of planets from it.

Method of casting the Indu lagna

1.The seven planets from the Sun to the Saturn contribute certain kalas or units as follows:-

Su Mo Me Ma Ju Ve Se
30 16 06 08 10 12 01

2. Note the ninth lord from the lagna and the ninth lord from the moon.

3. Add the units contributed by the two lords.

4. Divide by 12 to remove multiples of 12 and some remainder is left.

5. Count from the position of the Moon as many houses as the remainder.

6. This house becomes the Indu lagna.

An unblemished benefic or an exalted malefic in the Indu lagna makes one a multimillionaire according to old classics. Ordinary malefic influence on this lagna leads to ordinary financial status. When several planets associate with the Indu lagna, or aspect it , or fall in the second or eleventh from it. Or occupy kendras from it, riches are ensured.

It becomes clear by discussing following examples:-

Example 1:- Ratan Tata Multimillionaire

Birth Chart Ninth house lord from lagna is Sun, It gives 30 points. 9th house from Moon Is Mercury, which gives 6 points. Total is 36. Divided by 12 it gives 0. So Indu Lagna falls in Virgo. Four planets falling In Kendra from Indu lagna. Moon 11th Lord a gainful planet in 2nd house from Indu lagna.

Example 2 :- R P Goenka

Ninth lord from lagna Jupiter gives 10 Points. 9th lord from Moon is Venus. It Gives 12 points. Total 22 points Divided by 12 gives 10 as remainder. So Scorpio becomes Indu lagna. Four Planets fall in Kendras from Indu Lagna. Jupiter unblemished benefic in Kendra and aspects Indu lagna.

Example 3:- Amitabh Bachchan

Ninth lord from lagna is Venus. It Gives 12 points. 9th lord from Moon Is Mercury, which gave 6 points. Total of these two is 18. When it is Divided by 12, remainder comes out to Be 6. Counting from Moon 6th house Falls in Pisces. So Pisces is Indu lagna. Four planets are in Kendra from it. These are conjunct in 7th house from Indu lagna.

Example 4:- Deva Nand

Birth Chart Counting from lagna 9th house is Gemini. Its lord is Mercury. It gives 6 points. Ninth lord from Moon is Mars, giving 8 points. So talks 14. When divided by 12, remainder Comes out to be 2. Counting from Moon 2nd house is Aries. Jupiter most benefic planet falls in kendra from Indu lagna.

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