Some Tips for Matching of Charts

S.R. Swamy | 01-Jan-2014

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Some Tips for Matching of Charts

Many learned people say that the marriages are made in heaven, but if a proper comparing is not done before finalizing the marriage it will be a disaster. Day by day problems in marital understandings are increasing and young couple opt for divorce, which not only disturbs their life but also a problem to their parents.

After studying thousands of horoscopes of young males and females, for their marital problems and finding solutions to their problems with the help of different texts,

I have arrived at many conclusions and principles for the use and practice of our up coming Astrologers and students. Which are enumerated hereunder.

1. If lord of lagna occupies 7th house the native will get a good wife.

2. If there is parivarthana (exchange of houses) between lord of lagna and 7th, the native will be affectionate towards his wife, provided the planets are not enemical to each other. If they are enemies the native will suffer from marital problems.

3. If there is conjunction of lord of 5th and 7th the native shows greater affection towards his wife. If there is exchange of houses between these lords the native may marry a person whom he loves.

4. Mars occupying 7th house in a male horoscope may lead to Kalatra Dosha provided Mars is not in his own or exaltation house, if such Dosh a occurs it may lead to separation. If mars is badly afflicted, the native may loose his wife.

5. If malefics in 2nd, 4th, 7th,8th and 12th houses from lagna, Moon or Venus in a male horoscope will lead to “KALATRA DOSHA”. To neutralize this effect the native should choose a partner with Mangalya Dosha.

6. Venus in Malefic Signs or under papakartari, or under the aspect of Mars or Saturn, will not only delay the marriage but also leads to unhappy married life (For both male and female)

7. Venus in a malefic sign or occupying the sign of her enemy, and Saturn occupying 7th or 8th place from Venus in a male or female horoscope will lead to unduly delay in Marriage.

8. Rahu or Ketu occupying 7th from Venus in a male horoscope or 8th from Venus in a female horoscope may lead to break the marriage agreement. (Engagement).

9. Venus occupying the sign of Mars or Saturn and aspected by either of them makes the native immoral. Same will be the result if venus is under the aspect of Mars or Saturn either in a Male or female horoscope.

10. If there is relation between the Moon and Venus in comparison of a Male and female horoscope, Both the partners will be mutually loving.

11. If Lord of 5th, Moon and Venus are strong in a horoscope and have mutual relation, happy marital life is indicated.

12. If there is a strong influence of malefics on second house in a female horoscope, the native will not have good marital life and she will be in the habit of suarelling with her husband on very trivial matters and will be of very sensitive nature.

13. If Mars and Saturn occupy malefic houses and both aspects the 7th house in a male horoscope the native will dislike his wife and develop hatred for her. If there is a benefic influence also on 7th house than this problem will not be of serious nature and the same nature may not be continued for ever.

14. Sun being the lord of 6th house (In Meena lagna) and occupies 7th in a Male or female horoscope, the native will behave very badly with his life partner.

15. In a female horoscope second house from Venus is badly afflicted or the lord of second and Venus are in Shadashtak (6 and 8 Position), the lady will face problems from her inlaws or from close relatives of her husband.

16. 6th or 8th lord occupying 7th house in a female horoscope will lead to disturbed conjugal happiness.

17. Sun in Kanya Lagna opposite to Saturn in 7th house in a male horoscope will lead to unhappy married life. If rahu or ketu occupy. 7th house conjuncting sun there house the native will loose his wealth through women.

18. As a remedy to Doshas stated in para 17, The male horoscope should be matched with a female horoscope, where there is a strong and friendly aspect of Jupiter on Venus is found.

19. If 10th house and its lord in a female horoscope is under strong influence of malefics, the girl may be forced to face separation on account of the influence of her in laws on her husband.

20. If Venus is very strong with benefic influence in both the Male and female horoscope, most of the above evil yogas get nullified. A strong Hansa yoga or Malavya yoga will also lead to destroy the evil yoga’s and will help to maintain good marital happiness.

These are some of the practical hints to be noticed in general while matching the male and female horoscopes for marriage. Apart from the above, Mangaldosh, Ketu dosh, Sarpa dosh etc. also to be verified carefully before recommending the marriage.

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