Shri Krishna’s Horoscope

Dr. Arun Bansal | 01-Jan-2014

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Shri Krishna’s Horoscope

It is well known that lord Krishna was born on Bhadra Krishna Ashtami in Mathura. As is evident from the books, 5230 years have passed since 2061 Vikramaditya Samvat after the birth of lord Krishna. Calculations done on the computer programme of Leo Gold and Palm Computer’s programme Leo Palm reveal that he was born on 21 July 3228 B.C. His natal chart, Navamsha chart and Graha Spasht (planetary degrees) are as given here. At the time of his birth Ayanamsha comes to 48° 17' 59 and the balance of Moon period (Chandra Dasha) comes to 3 years 0 months 28 days.

Scholar Astrologer B.V. Raman of Bangalore has incorporated in his book ‘300 Important Combinations’ Shri Krishna’s natal chart. According to him he was born in 3228 B.C. under Taurus ascendant and balance of Moon period was 4 years 2 months 21 days. The natal chart casted by him matches perfectly with the computer made horoscope.

Navamasha chart is also almost similar. But, according to Shri Raman Navamsha ascendant is Gemini, where as according to the computer the ascendant is Cancer. There is also some difference in Venus and Saturn in Navamsha. The difference can be due to difference of opinion in calculations, but it is definitely not because of discrepancies in the date of birth.

Shri Krishna’s horoscope figures in the book Jyotish Ratnakar. But it is not at all similar to the one made by computer. In this natal chart Guru, along with Mercury and Rahu is shown placed in 5th and 6th houses respectively. According to some other volumes Shri Krishna’s horoscope, with exalted Jupiter in Cancer and exalted Saturn in the 6th house, have shown four exalted planets in it. Such planetary positions may not be based on any calculation, but are given as per mythology, in order to show the natal chart as a powerful one.

Shri Krishna, after his birth, ruled over the universe for 125 years and 7 months and left for his heavenly abode on a Friday in 3102 B.C. That day Dwapar Age came to an ended and Kali Yuga commenced and presently, after completing 5105 years, Kali Yuga has entered into its 5106th year. According to the book titled Jyotish Ratnakar Kali Yuga started on a Friday of Chaitra Pratipada, accordingly 18 February 3102 B.C.

After calculating the date of commencement of Kali Yuga on computer, it is known that it did start on 18 February 1300 B.C. Other books also give the same commencing date of Kali Yuga. So there seems to be no dispute about the date of Kali Yuga’s beginning. If Lord Krishna’s birth date is calculated by deducting his age from the date of Kali Yuga’s commencement, that also comes to year 3228 B.C. So there is no scope for difference of opinion regarding Shri Krishna’s period of birth and his date of birth is 21 July 3228 B.C. without any doubt.

According to some almanacs Lord Krishna was born 135 years before the commencement of Kali Yuga; in other words 5240 years have elapsed since this happening. This seems to be a mistake, because natal chart based on this calculation is totally lacking in any similarity with Shri Krishna’s other horoscopes. He was definitely born 5230 years ago and on Janmashtami day of 2004 he will complete 5231 years and enter 5232nd year.

By analysing lord Krishna’s natal chart one finds that Moon in his ascendant gives him an attractive personality. Conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury in the 5th house and exalted Mercury make him a smooth talker and intellectual. Saturn in the 7th house gives him many wives. Conjunction of Rahu, Mars and Venus in the 5th house fills his life with conflicts and engage him in wars. Ketu posited in Capricorn in the 9th house makes him glorious, renowned and keeps him away from his birth place. Results of his natal chart seem to tally perfectly with the happenings in his life. So the horoscope casted by the computer is undoubtedly Shri Krishna’s own.