Saheed Bhagat Singh

Parul Rohatgi | 24-Mar-2018

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Saheed Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh is most talked about freedom fighter of India. He stood for his rights as an India and gave away his life for country at age of 2. Bhagat singh was born on 27th September 1907, in Lahore – a city in Pakistan. He did at the very early age, although he died young his firm resolutions and great courage made him an icon for generations to come.

If you see careful Bhagat Singh has planet Mars and Ketu in second house of his natal chart which signifies a lineage of freedom fighters. It is a notable fact that bhagat Singh was inspired by his father Kishan Singh and Ajit Singh both were true freedom fighter of their time. It is said that when Bhagat Singh was born his father and uncle were granted freedom. This is the reason why his grandmother named him ‘Bhagya Baba’ (Bhagat Singh) which means a child with good fortune.

bhagat singh

It is said that by the age of 14 Bhagat Singh already started working with some revolutionary groups for sake of freedom. When a powerful Mars come in a close conjunction with ketu the planetary situation makes a person extremely stubborn. Such people take very energetic and dynamic action in their life.

It is a well known fact that Bhagat Singh was stubborn by nature. We have numerous times heard the story where Bhagat Singh runs away from his hometown to Kanpur just because he did not want to get married. He proved his stand of revolutionary leader after establishing revolutionary party which was called as Hindustan socialist republic party.

The next thing in Bhagat Singhs Kundli that makes his personality clear to me is sun, mercury and Venus conjunction. His venusian nature can be identified in his poetries. People who have read his jail diary say that he was a avid reader, thinker and writer. Bhagat Singh was not only the freedom fighter but he was also a true artist. People with these conjunctive planets are influenced by the own culture. The well known martyr was so much in love with his country that he scarified his time, money, youth, interests and life to rescue his community from British Raj. The love he cherished for his country is invincible. Bhagat sing was young when he went to jail. His actions were impulsive but he was a well versed with themes of socialism and capitalism. Through his hand written diaries we can identify how well read and educated Bhagat Singh was.

Astrologically speaking when sun, mercury and venus come together, they make the personality loud and bright. Bhagat Singh was very loud and clear in his actions. His famous quote “if the deaf are to hear, the sound has to be loud. When we dropped the bomb, it was not our intention to kill anybody. We have bombed the British Government. The British must quit India” truly classify the conjunction in his natal chart.

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