Role of Seventh Lord in Kundali

Sanjana Mittal | 01-Jan-2014

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Role of Seventh Lord in Kundali

Marriage is supposed to be the most sacred institution of our society. Marriage is intended to be a life long commitment. marriage is an exclusive commitment of two individuals to each other who nurture love and mutual support. In this way they not only make a good family but contribute in the formation of a stable and a healthy society. But more and more marriages today tend to end in divorse.Astrologically, seventh house in kundali decides the stability in married life. It will blossom into a flower or wither depends on planets posited in the seventh house and planets aspecting on seventh house and seventh lord. The effects of these classical combination have been described categorically and beautifully in this article...

The seventh house and its lord play very important role in one’s life. This is the house of cooperation and opposition. As it decides longevity, spouse, partnership, marriage partners, romantic partners, business partners, roommate, counselor to client, doctor to patient, means relationships which require cooperation from another person and compromise with other’s needs or goals. In this article we shall discuss only the issues related to marital life whether it will turn out to be a marital bliss or marital discord or separation in married life.

In the series ‘the role of seventh lord in kundali’ (part 1) we have seen how a combust seventh lord created havoc in native’s life. In this article again, the situation is same. The seventh lord is combust in kundali but you will see how it is different from the results of the previous one. In this horoscope, the lord of seventh is placed in sixth house and is combust. But the results are different as seventh house has benefic aspect of Jupiter. The marriage not only survives but the couple has that mental strength and understanding with each other that a relationship of soulmate is developed and they share divine understanding with each other. Let us see how—

The kundali shown here belongs to a female native. It has Pisces ascendant and seventh house has Virgo rashi. The lord of seventh house is Mercury. Seventh lord is in trik house and is an association with Sun, Moon, eighth and third Lord Venus. Moon, Venus and Mercury are badly combust. All the planets are in very close in degrees to Sun. Moreover, Mercury is in Rahu and Ketu axis. So it is hemmed in between malefics in the kundali. Five planets are placed in sixth house (house of diseases, debts, enemies). There is mutual aspect of Jupiter and Saturn. Debilitated Mars is placed in fifth house. Rahu is placed in twelfth house.

The native was born in poorva phalguni Nakshatra, 1 Pada Leo sign, in Shravana Maas, krishna paksha when Amavasya was just over and pratipada started. The lord of fifth house Moon is completely combust. Nakshatra swami is Venus. Second and ninth lord is Mars, who is in debilitation and placed in fifth house. Here,Jupiter makes Hansa yoga in kundali. Karaka of husband, children, health, education, all areas of native life have been taken care of by the divine planet. Jupiter, lord of ascendant is placed in ascendant itself in its own rashi. As it is said Jupiter has nectar in his aspects. In this kundali, Jupiter aspects fifth house (house of children) seventh house (house of spouse, marriage) Ninth house (house of destiny). All these houses are enhanced and the native gets good results. Jupiter’s benefic aspect on marriage house works as a shield for their relationship and the well being of the spouse. The native was running with Venus dasa at the time of her birth. Venus is third and eight lords and is placed in sixth house. The native got married when Sun / Saturn period was on.

In Navamsha kundali, seventh lord is placed in ninth house, which is the reason it brought luck to the spouse of the native after marriage. Saturn in seventh house is in aspect of Jupiter blesses the native a stable married life but the spouse felt stagnation in career. He could not achieve the degree of success he deserved. Venus and Jupiter are benefic planets. The seventh house is of the spouse. The placement of these planets in the seventh house or their impact on this house decides how much happiness or sorrows you will get from your married life. Venus in the man’s kundali and Jupiter in the wife’s kundali is the factor which decides how much happiness they will have in their married life. The principle of jyotish is that Jupiter has a bad effect on the house it is in and it has a positive influence on those houses which it aspects. If Jupiter is situated in the seventh house of any man’s or woman’s kundali, he or she may have a late marriage or would not have a very happy married life.

Like Jupiter, Venus is also bad for married life. If it is in the Seventh house, it makes a person prove to seek intimacy with another person after marriage. It brings problems and removes the bliss from the married life. If Venus or Jupiter aspect the seventh house or seventh lord then the married life would be enjoyable.

Saturn in seventh house of marriage and partnerships denotes a very cautious approach to marriage and delayed marriage. But you have stable partner, when the marriage is finally made, it will endure, though in all aspects it may not be totally happy. Marriage will be restrictive to you, but you accept circumstances for better or for worse. Here Saturn is placed in Seventh house. There were many hurdles at the time of marriage and of course after marriage also. Saturn is the lord of eleventh and twelfth house (house of suffering, expenditure, and hospitalization) the native had physical suffering due to the problem in spinal cord, but the pain was endured magnanimously and it could not deter the native from the roots rather gave her untiring stamina to perform her duties on domestic front.

As, seventh house lord decides the nature, profession and physical appearance of the spouse. In this kundali Mercury, being the lord of seventh house, indicates the spouse of the native is blessed with mercurial traits that are spouse is sharp, brilliant with analytical mind, intellectual, eloquent, spontaneous and youthful. His profession is connected with journalism as editor, writer, public relation, analytical studies. The spouse has all these traits and is still active and an editor in an astrological company. It is due to Jupiter’s aspect on the seventh house. Now we see the placement of the lord Mercury, it is placed in twelfth house from seventh and hemmed in between malefic and hamper the career progress of the spouse he deserves.

The seventh house also signifies our desires, passion, setting, adjustment. The karaka of this house is Venus. The placement of Venus and the lord both are in bad house in association of malefics. It indicate that the couple has risen above the materialistic world and are more at a higher level due to the benefic aspect of Jupiter on the 7th house

We can sum up the life events of this native like this-

  • Born in Venus dasa balance 16 years 0 month 21 days.
  • Married in Sun/ Saturn dasa
  • Had health problems in sun dasa
  • Had acute health problems during Moon dasa.
  • In Mars period Mars is lord of second and eight houses and placed in trikona in debilitation. Mars has benefic aspect of Jupiter and in Navamsha occupies Scorpio sign which is destiny house in natal chart. During Mars period native's destiny was enhanced and brought happiness through children.
  • In Rahu dasa - the native suffered from bone tuberculosis.

At present she is running Jupiter dasa who is her lagna lord

According to phaldeepika chapter No. 10, matters related to seventh house should a planet occupy his own sign in a birth chart, the native will during the dasa of such a planet acquire power and strength through the beneficence of a wealth and high dignitary and himself / herself achieve that status. The native will receive reverence from the people and may even get back his lost articles". At present native is running Jupiter dasa which is in operation from 22/09/2008. After the period of sadesati in November 2011 the native shall be famous and achieve respect and enhanced status.

स्वमन्दिरगते ग्रहे प्रभुपरिग्रहादयति।
प्रभुत्वमपि वा गृहास्थितिमचंचलां प्राप्नुयात्।
नवं भवनमुर्वराक्षितिमुपैति काले स्वके।
जने बहुमति पुनः सफलनष्टवतून्यपि।

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