National Political Scene in 2014

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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National Political Scene in 2014

A general election will be the next election for the 16th Lok Sabha in India. Voting will take place in all parliamentary constituencies of India to elect members of parliament in the Lok Sabha. The current 15th Lok Sabha will complete its constitutional term on May 31, 2014.

Horoscope of Narendra Modi

The horoscope of Narendra Modi indicates great possibilities of coming into power. The Sadesati of Modi in his powerful horoscope shall certainly help him come into the power. In his chart the presence of all the benefic planets in Kendra gives extra power to his Ruchak Yoga and it is the miracle of this Ruchak Yoga only because of which all his adversaries fear to face him now.

The sadesati in horoscope of BJP indicates that it is likely to form the government.

Arvind Kejriwal & Modern Politics

Emerging politician Arvind Kejriwal has changed the definition of politics in modern India. His performance in recent assembly elections has helped him win the title of Chanakya of modern politics. Kejriwal established the AAP in November 2012. The party name reflects the phrase Aam Aadmi, or "common man", whose interests Kejriwal proposed to represent. The party was formally launched in Delhi on 26 November 2012. He became one of the five most mentioned Indian politicians on social networking sites in the run-up to the Delhi Legislative Assembly of December 2013. Those elections were the first contested by the AAP and in them Kejriwal defeated the incumbent Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit, in her Assembly constituency of New Delhi. The party as a whole won 28 of the 70 available Assembly seats.

In his horoscope all the benefic planets are in 4th house along with 4th lord. Fourth house is known as the house of public support and exalted Moon in Lagna and the placement of Lagna lord in 4th also promise the same that is why he became a very popular politician in a very short time and is emerging on national scene with a strong urge to fight against corruption. He is getting huge support from volunteers from all over the country. The major period in operation right now is that of Jupiter and this Jupiter being 8th lord has created some hidden talent in him as it is placed with all the benefics in 4th house. Jupiter's major period shall help him improve his reputation gradually. Mars in 3rd and Rahu in 11th are making him dynamic and influential. Rahu is 6th from 6th and Saturn and Mars both are aspecting 6th house therefore the impact of Mars, Saturn and Rahu help him win over his enemies. The period of real rise of Arvind Kejriwal on national level shall start after 2019.

Rahul Gandhi's horoscope does not indicate any great hope for him. His Sadesati can destroy his reputation completely as his natal Saturn is debilitated

Horoscope of Congress Party

Congress Party's future appears weak as the Sadesati of Congress is not in rising phase so congress party's chances are not bright.

Horoscope of Mulayam Singh Yadav

Mulayam Singh Yadav shall not get expected consideration. His horoscope indicates that he has hidden talent for doing the politics of manoeuvering and machination because of mutual exchange between 8th lord and 10th lord but Dhaiya of Saturn won't let him get the type of consideration he expects from the politicians around him.

Horoscope of Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar's political career is finished. There is mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn which is known for bringing sudden down fall. This mutual aspect got activated because of commencement of his Rahu/ Rahu dasa which shall continue to remain there in operation till July 2014. It started after November 2011 and the savants of astrology believe that Rahu tempts to take wrong decisions. Therefore, his decision of separating from NDA has proved highly disastrous for his political career. The Saturn of transit is also under the malefic aspect of natal Mars and natal Rahu therefore the sadesati of Saturn shall not only spoil his reputation completely but also put a question mark on his success in forthcoming Loksabha elections of 2014.